Pacific Northwest Warsha & Hafla

The Household Al-thaeib invites the known world to attend this year's Pacific Northwest / Southwest / Far West / Way East ( depending on where your border lies ) Warsha & Hafla!

Saturday November 27th, 2004 at the Mason's Hall

Warsha - Workshop !
Hafla - Celebration !

There will be classes in belly dancing, drumming and middle eastern music theory. The evening will feature traditional folk music, food and bellydance. This year we have secured thes same hall, more musicians including a live band, performers from Turku aand Sazlar and a Abdul our the halal Chef!

Please check out our website for all information you will need. Registration and ticket sales start July 30th, 2004. Tickets will be limited to 100 people. We are looking for volunteers, please see website for infomation. THERE WILL BE NO TICKETS AT THE DOOR. Please purchase your tickets early and receive a $10.00 savings.

Shareef Musiqi al-Rashid al-Thaeib
JdL, AoA, Sable Chime, MI
Apprentice to Companion Celdae the Seeker
aka Dan Mason