[ATE] Chocolate Revel

Walking down the streets of Italy as the city gets prepared to be transformed into something magical. The spectral air of the coming Fall season mixes with the excitement, and the mists rising up from the canals to shroud the buildings. People arrive from the four corners of the globe, dressed in their most spectacular vestments, creating a dream world sights, sounds, and smells.

Jugglers, Dancers, Musicians, and fun seekers of all ages are all welcome to come join us in this most unique, mesmerizing, stirring, and ultimately dazzling experience that is Chocolate Revel: Italian Carnevale! This day of fun will take place on

Saturday, September 29, 2012 from Noon to 9pm at the Fountain Hills Community Center.

The time has come to indulge in the true decadence of Italy and delight your taste buds on this unique and tantalizing day!

Voting for all competition categories will open at 1pm and will close by 5pm.

Receive $1.00 off your site fee when you bring an entry for any of the food related competitions; discount applies to only one entry per person. Cards will be provided for you to list the title of the dessert, your name, and to list any possible allergens (milk, wheat, eggs, nuts, etc.).

Location & Directions

Fountain Hills Community Center
13001 North La Montana Drive
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

From the South and East: Take your best route to Highway 87 (Country Club Drive) and go north towards Payson until you get to Shea Blvd. Turn left (west) onto Shea Blvd. Go to Saguaro Blvd (first light) and turn right (north) onto Saguaro. Go about 2.5 miles to El Lago Blvd. Turn left (west) onto El Lago. Go less than half a mile to La Montana Drive and turn right(north). The Community Center is on the right side of La Montana.

From the North and West: Take your best route to Shea Blvd and go east until you get to Saguaro Blvd; if you get to Highway 87, you’ve gone too far. Turn left (north) onto Saguaro. Go about 2.5 miles to El Lago Blvd. Turn left (west) onto El Lago. Go less than half a mile to La Montana Drive and turn right (north). The Community Center is on the right side of La Montana.

City laws do not permit us to place event signs along the roads, but a sign will be placed at the parking lot entrance.

Site Fees & Pre-Registration

Adult members - $15.00 for adult members
Youth (5-17 years of age) - $10.00
Children (0-4 years of age) - free
A surcharge of $5.00 will be applied to non-members (see details)

Pre-registration is now being accepted by Lady Kateryn Treningham. Checks or money orders made out to "College of Brymstonne, SCA Inc." may be mailed PRIOR to September 10, 2012.

Please ensure the following information is on your check: 1) phone number 2) How many Adult Members, Youth & Children, as well as non-members you are paying for. You may include an email address/self addressed envelope to receive confirmation of receipt of your payment. ALL attendees (pre-registered or not) will need to show proof of membership at Troll the day of the event or you will be charged the non-member surcharge. Cash and checks will be accepted at the event. There is no ATM on site.

Food-Related Competitions

Themed Dessert Display: Death by Chocolate or Carnevale

Come one, come all - and bring your Carnevale creativity! We're reserving a table for succulent subtleties reminiscent of Masquerades and the Carnevale theme! Astonish and fill us all with delicious goodness of Death by Chocolate! All entries must edible and family friendly.

Chocolate Dessert Competition

Yet again it is time to show off your chocolatier skills! Whether you are showing off your true colors as a gourmand by entering a gastronomic extravaganza, or simply your Great Aunt Winifred’s chocolate silk pie that can’t be beat by fancy rigamarole, it's sure to be a treat for all!

Youth Dessert Competition

We are asking for any aspiring cooks and chefs ages 5-17 to present their pièce de résistance to the Populace! We'll be sure to enjoy it all, and have a gift ready for the dessert most warmly received by our grateful gastronomics!

Diabetic-Friendly Dessert Competition

The College of Brymstonne will be hosting the 3rd annual Diabetic-Friendly Dessert Competition. There are no restrictions on entries (ie. Maximum sugar or minimum fiber, etc.), we simply ask that you use your best judgment when entering a dessert into this competition. For this reason, please bring nutritional information for your entry.

Gluten-Free Dessert Competition

For the first time ever in Chocolate Revel history the College of Brymstonne presents…the Gluten-Free Dessert Competition! Be the first to bring home this historic honor! Bring out your yummiest gluten-free dessert for the populace to judge.

White Chocolate Competition

In honor of Her Majesty, who is allergic to all forms of milk or dark chocolate, we are holding our first ever White Chocolate only dessert competition! All entries must NOT include any milk or dark chocolate, but MUST include white chocolate. While judging for the other competitions will begin at 1pm, the entries for this competition will be tested by Her Majesty first, and then will be open for populace judging.

A&S Competitions

Unfinished A&S Competition

This year will be our 8th annual unfinished A&S competition! Bring your unfinished projects and the stories behind them. Entries cannot be something that have previously been entered into this category at Chocolate Revel. As usual, if you win this competition and complete your project, next year’s site fee with be FREE!

Youth Dancing Competition

This competition is geared towards the youth of the Populace. While dancing makes everyone feel young at heart we are asking that entrants for this competition be 13 and under. Judging will be done by the Populace.

Mask Competitions

Venice (and many Italian cities) in the Middle Ages and Renaissance had a long tradition of mask-wearing among all members of society while engaging in activities of a questionable nature. These activities were so outrageous that laws were passed to restrict the wearing of masks to certain times of year, such as during Carnevale, with its traditions of role reversal and celebration of the fool.

Adult: Please bring your completed, self-constructed mask. Judging will be based on originality and artistic design.

Youth: This competition is geared for those aged 13 and under. Much like the adults above, children would also wear a disguise. Blank masks and supplies will be provided, so please arrive without a mask. Judging will be based on originality and artistic design.

Additional Fun

Brymstonne Jousting

È tempo per il torneo annuale Brymstonne Battaglia!

The 7th Annual Brymstonne Jousting Tournament will be commencing at the Carnevale! The Brymstonne Stables have been hard at work training the horses into the peak of performance - and after the energetic and frenetic competition of last year, the horses and their trainers are looking forward to another great tournament this year! As the energy of the competitors increases, so does that of the horses, and they look forward with pride to being the fair and noble steeds chosen to be your mount in the jousting competition. The Brymstonne Stables will again be happily supplying the horses and the lances for the tournament. Both traditional and side-saddle riding will be permitted in the tournament, but please, do not bop one another on the heads or faces with the lances. It is unseemly, and will result in your disqualification from the event.

The competition will again be held through a bracket-style list, and again this year as with last year, there will be a Youth competition as well as an Adult competition. Should there be enough Young Adults who choose to compete in the jousting tournament, they will have a separate list than the Youth and Adults.

Should you choose to enter the jousting tournament, the list master requests that you send your name (whatever you wish to be called for the sake of the tournament), and whether you will be jousting as a Youth, Young Adult, or Adult (Youth being those children under 12, Young Adult being those children and teens between 12 and 17, and Adult being all those individuals 18 and over) to the Brymstonne Stables, so that they may be able to coordinate the joust list for the day of the tournament. Please email the Stables with your information to eventsteward@brymstonne.org.

Buona fortuna per il torneo!

The Bardic Garden

Traditionally Carnival is a time of celebration and extravagance before the austereness of the lenten season begins. The College of Brymstonne announces a bardic competition to add to joy, laughter, and fun of the season.

Please bring your most laughter inducing, awe inspiring, and fantastical tales to share with one and all in the Bardic Garden. All that is requested is that you bring tales suitable for young audiences. In addition, the tale or song may only be a maximum of 10 minutes, so that we can allot time for all participants.

If you wish to participate in the contest, please e-mail eventsteward@brymstonne.org for details!

Dancing will be hosted by the incomparable Mistress Jehanne le feu du Christ.

The Sideboard Feast

With all the chocolate in the air, a bit of food will be provided to cut the sugar buzz. The sideboard will be opened at 1pm and will be kept stocked for browsing until 5pm. Items marked with (V) are vegetarian-friendly.

For any questions or further information please contact the Event Stewards (M'lady Isabella Capata Delamar and Lady Stella della Luna) at: eventsteward@brymstonne.org

For questions or further information about the feast please contact our Feast Steward, The Honorable Lady Jacquelin of Normandy at: feaststeward@brymstonne.org