[ANT] Ursulmas XXXII

Our grand Ursulmas event will be held at its traditional location, the Evergreen State Fairgrounds, this January 25-27.

Highlights planned to date include the renowned Ursulmas Heavy Tourney, Over 40 Tourney, Sable Rose Rapier Tourney, the annual Archery and novelty shoot, Thrown Weapons, Youth Armored Combat and Archery.

You may pre-register for Saturday's combat events and pre-pay your site fees at a discount by completing and mailing the attached pre-reg form today.

We sill also have the anual Ursulwyck Village where we hope to have skilled demonstrations of living history, the A&S Display Contest, Bardic Entertainment and the Ursulmas Marketplace.

If you are interested in participating in the Marketplace as a vendor, the merchant application is attached here. Please read the package carefully as some things have changed and the Event Team would like to answer any and all your questions promptly.

We are still developing this coming year's event and will periodically post changes, deadlines and more information as developments are confirmed.

Best of feast seasons and we will see you at the end of January, 2013.

Octavia Laodice
Commitee Chair
Ursulmas medieval Faire