[AET] 17th Annual Siege of Glengary

The sound of Pennsic War has passed and Aethelmearc and Atlantia have stood shoulder to shoulder against common foes.  In such rare days we welcome our neighbors from Atlantia to test their metal and show their skills both on the field and off at The Siege of Glengary in Sylvan Glen. 

No mere battle for our treasured relic the Silver Apple, no simple raid across the borders. No this year we challenge all to show their skills "For Kingdom and Crown!"  Let Aethelmearc show what wonders her proud people can perform in the Arts and Sciences and upon the field of battle.  Heavy weapons, rapier, archery and thrown weapons will all compete for points and this year we add Siege Weapons!  The gentle arts will be showcased as well with the theme "For Kingdom and Crown" including a special War Scribal Challenge for Youth and Adult to be composed on site. 

What better way to end such a wondrous day than with a feast truly fit for a King? Savor dishes from England's oldest royal cookbook prepared by Mistress Euriol of Lothian and the Sylvan Glen Cooks Guild.  Aethelmearc,! your Kingdom and Crown call! What say you?

For Kingdom and Crown!
The 17th Annual Siege of Glengary
Shire of Sylvan Glen
Sept 21-23, 2012

Jefferson County
Fair Grounds,
2007 Old Lee Town
Pike, Kearnesville WV 25430

Autocrat is THL Hrefna Ulfvarinnsdottir ravenstyx at yahoo dot com

Make checks payable to SCA-WV Inc., Shire of Sylvan Glen.

Site Fees: Adult,
Pre-reg $12 On-site $14
Children (6-17)
Pre-reg $5, On-site $7
Family Cap
Pre-reg $36, On-site $42
Feast: Adult,
$9    Children (6-17) $6.
Children 5 and
under are guests of the shire.