[AET] Crown Tournament

Now that war is but a fond memory, it is once again time tolook to the future of the Sylvan Line. The Shire of Stormsport is proud to be hosting the fall Crown Tournament of the Majesties Khalek and Branwyn.

This Grand tourney will be held on Saturday Oct. 6, 2012 at the Albion borough park (no address) Albion, PA 16401.  The site opens at 9am andcloses at 6pm.  The site is a public parkthat will be open to the public this day.

The autocrat for the event is Baroness Rynea von Lingen  Ryneasca04@aol.com.

A sumptuous all day sideboard will be provided by Lady Ottiligevon Rappoltsweiler and her minions.  Alldietary concerns should be addressed to her at ottilige@rocketmail.com.

Pavilions and day shades are encouraged and priority will begiven to the fighters and consorts near the tourney field.  Please send the dimensions to Lord MaeldaraO'Donn @ maeldara@gmail.com.

The levee for the event for adults 18 and over is $10.00,children 6 - 17 $5.00 and babes in arms are free.  There will be a $ 5.00 non member surchargeat the door.  If you wish to preregister, please make your checks payable to the SCA Inc. Shire of Stormsport and mail to the autocrat.


North, Northeast: take I-90 to exit 9, turn RT onto Rt. 18 south until it intersect withRt. 6N turn RT onto 6N into Albion ? Turn RT at Smock Ave - the park is at theend of the street.

South/Southeast - Take you best route to I-79 north - takeI-79 N to exit 166 Rt. 6N W.  Turn Lt onto 6N W and continue on until you get to Albion - turn RT onto Smock Ave - the park is at the end of the street.