[MID] Unified Glass Arts Day

Reserve this date: November 9, 2013 for a very special event in the Canton of Three Hills: Unified Glass Arts Day at West Michigan Glass Arts Center 326 W. Kalamazoo Ave. Kalamazoo, MI 49007, sponsored by the Canton of Three Hills.

This event will be different from most SCA events: this event is NOT IN GARB for safety reasons! Event attendees will pay a basic site fee (around $8) and then will pay by the project and be able to make any of the following:

1. Blown glass ornament (around $25) (about 30 spots available)

2. Torch time to make glass beads ($10 an hour) (140 hours available; 14 torches x 10 hours)

3. Sandblasting ($5-$10) (30 or more)

4. Fused glass suncatcher ($10) (on demand)

You will be able to schedule yourself for as many projects as your budget can afford.

There will be demonstrations of glassblowing by two professional glassblowers on staff, possible lectures on the history of glass, and those who sign up to make a glass ornament will get a hands-on opportunity to get up close and personal with a glass furnace.We will have glass items for you to purchase and sandblast. You can also bring heavy glassware to sandblast. Imagine your personal device sandblasted on a plate or mug! You can make and take your sandblasted items the day of the event.

You can opt to spend time at one of fourteen minor bench burner torches and either learn how to make beads, or share what you know with others. We will be soliciting for instructors for the beadmaking!Experienced SCA glassblowers are also welcome to attend and demonstrate, assist, and/or teach. Experienced SCA beadmakers are welcome to attend and teach! We have ten hours and fourteen torches.

You can make a fused glass suncatcher! Glue pieces of glass in pretty patterns.

When you aren't actively involved in a project, you can watch other glass arts in progress, or perhaps sit in on a lecture or class.Most projects will not be available to take home that day, so we will make arrangements to have them hand-delivered or delivered by USPS via flat-rate shipping boxes. What size box you buy depends on the projects you sign up for. This cost is in addition to site fee and any project costs.

This event is not geared toward young children, although kids 12 and up may enjoy sandblasting and fusing, and with parental supervision, MAY work on the torches to learn beadwork.

For safety's sake, this event will not require SCA garb! You must wear natural fibers, avoid flowing sleeves, wear long pants, and tie back long hair. This is an event where t-shirts and jeans are strongly encouraged.

Pizza by the slice will be available for lunch, will possibly sell soda pop too.

This is an event unlike any other hosted in the Middle Kingdom. West Michigan Glass Arts Center is the same kind of non-profit as the SCA! It is one of the only open glass studios in the Midwest that offers ongoing classes for all ages.

This information is coming out more than a year in advance, because this event has a higher than usual cost associated with attending.

**For those of you who attended the Norse Symposium in Three Hills a few years back and signed up for beadmaking...this is the same site where the beads were made**

The site has a lovely website, check it out and see what's going on with Glass in Kalamazoo! http://www.facebook.com/l/lAQHrmKpE/www.wmglass.org/

West Michigan Glass Art Center, Kalamazoo Michiganwww.wmglass.org

The West Michigan Glass Art Center located in Kalamazoo, Michigan is a registered non-profit, commun...