[OUT] Warders of the Western Gate

Their Excellencies Estevan & Emily, Baron & Baroness of Fontaine dans Sable bid you greetings & invite one and all to this year's Warders of the Western Gate!!!!!

Despite what you may have read earlier, Warders of the Western Gate will open at 9:00am on Friday September 28, 2012, one and all are welcome to attend.

There will be many wonderful activities taking place at this fine event including:

Tournaments & Competitions to choose new Warders for:
    Heavy Weapons

Not interested in competing for the Warders positions?  Not to worry!  There will be plenty of other activities to be had.

To cap off a day jammed full of fun, a revel will be held on Saturday Night with games to benefit the Kingdom Travel Fund.

In Service to their Excellencies of Fontaine dans Sable,

Lady Kateryn Blair
Warders of the Western Gate
krgarland @ centurytel.net
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