[GLE] Knight's Academy

Need to have fun 2-4 November? Come one come all to the annual Shire of Dragoun's Weal Knight's Academy!  Learn from your knights all their secrets!  Feed upon THLady Gentile's feast to stagger even the heartiest of eaters!  Fight fight fight until you drop and then fight some more! 

We will have more woods battles, grudge matches, bear pits and taunting than you shake a stick at! We will also have live weapons with the Kingdom Yeoman and Sentry, rapier with a previous Queen's Champion and an evening under the stars with a bonfire!  Who knows, maybe we'll have a bardic circle where we can tell all the stories and sing all the mighty Gleann Abhann songs!

Until 1 October, prices with THLady Gentile's feast is $18, afterwards is $20.  Offboard, please subtract $5.

There is unlimited tenting!  Bring all your tents and all your pavilions! Cabins are available by calling the Flint Creek Water Park Campgrounds
at 1 800 748 9403 or by visiting their website at http://www.phwd.net/parks/flint%20creek/default.asp.

For feasting allergens, please contact THLady Gentile d'Orleans at genorleans@gmail.com and for reservations please contact Lady Skaia at amy.c.wetzel@gmail.com