[ATL] Midnight at the Oasis IV

The Adventures of Marco Polo. Use your imagination to visualize where and what he might have seen in his travels. Sir Rodrigo Falcone will have some amazing melees for the day. Adelrich Falke will be handling the rapier for the day. Manus Macday will be testing everyones skill at the archery range.

Presented by Canton of Nimenefeld

Heavy Fighting - Friday Night Torchlight Tournament 9:00pm: The Company of the Banner of the Elephant is sponsoring a Torchlight Tournament on the fighting field Turnout will determine the format, but if we get 16 fighters, it will be double elimination There will be beer for the spectators and expectorators, but no beer for the combatants until they are eliminated. Saturday Armored Combat Scenario: Battle of Dorylaeum 1097. Fighting on Foot in the Field and Castle Gate.

Archery Scenario: Manus Macday will be Marshalling the Day's Archery challenge. There will be shooting at "Himalayan snow bears". Shooting at swinging targets of camel thieves (shoot the thief not the camel!) Standard ring targets to shoot at for warm up or just for fun. Also possibly a Royal Round or two.

Rapier Scenario: Adelric Marshalls the day's events. This day's Rapier Scenarios will recreate a modern interpretation of the series of inconclusive skirmishes that will ultimatly culminate in the battle of GUDALETE where forces under Ṭāriq ibn Ziyad and King Roderic of the Visigoths will fight for the future of Al-Andalus. Click Here for details

Wine & Cheese Tasting: Baroness Rebecca the Contrary is donating a wine and cheese party to the event. If you would like to contribute to the snacks you'd be most welcome! Wines have not been selected yet but there should be at least 3 types to try. Friday night from 8 pm to 11 pm. for those of legal drinking age only.

Arts & Sciences: Activities begin bright and early with a Silk Road Calligraphy & Illunination Competition. WHAT: Calligraphy and/or illumination exemplary of styles period to the travels of Marco Polo (Asia, Persia, China, and Indonesia between 1271 and 1291). Documentation is required. WHEN: Please sign in with Mistress Sunneva de Cleia in the morning. Exact time TBD. WHERE: TBD

Want to show off your Middle Eastern stuff, but don’t want to enter a competition? Put your items on display at the Silk Road Arts & Sciences Open Display! WHAT: Anything Middle Eastern! WHEN: 11:00 to 4:30. Please sign in with Mistress Sunneva de Cleia in the morning.

Fashion Show: Come out in your best garb and show it off at the "Fashion Show" in the lounge. The Canton of Buckston-on-Eno is hosting the show which starts Saturday, 11am and is our way of helping our new or future members find a style they like. Be prepared to give us the country and the time period for your garb. You can add anything else you desire to the description. All entrees will be photographed for the Windlore.

Feast: Baroness Rebecca the Contrary will be presenting a culinary recreation of Marco Polo's travels beginning in Italy, then traveling through the Middle East, and finally arriving in Far-Eastern Mongolia. The desert will reprise the trip, again visiting all three exotic locales. Click Here for the Menu

The 9th Annual Elephant Stomp: Immediately following the closing of feast, all are welcome to attend the Elephant Stomp. The Kinghts of the Banner and their Company host the Stomp each year and all are invited. We are happy to host the attendees with Beer, Wine, Soda, Water, and, of course, food. There will be drumming, dancing, other performances, and our Company will conduct our open and public business.

This year's Elephant Stomp has a Special Honoree. His Lordship, Alain de la Rochelle, turns 50 years old this year. Since his birthday comes on the heels of War when we are all out of energy and money, we will celebrate it this year and grand style. All are encouraged to show their love of this amazing man and servant of the people.

Adult, Members: $12.00 Site Fee, $8.00 Feast
Adult, Non-members: $17.00 Site Fee, $8.00 Feast
Youth, 5–17: $7.00 Site Fee, $8.00 Feast
Children, 0- 4: $0.00 Site Fee, $0.00 Feast

SCA, Inc., Canton of Nimenefeld

Site Restrictions: All pets must be on a leash AND attended by a responsible person. No fishing in Pond. Anyone caught supplying alcohol to minors or in any way violating modern law will be removed from site and reported to modern authorities. Fires must be in reliable metal fire pits. No ground fires.

Site Address: 2908 Optimist Farm, Apex, NC 27539


From the North and East: From Raleigh get on Rte 440 (beltline that goes around Raleigh). Go to Exit 298A which is Rte 401 South to Fayetteville and Garner. Go south on 401, stay right because 1.4 miles down the road, the road forks, stay on the right and go another 5.3 miles to Rte 1010. Turn right, go .5 miles, turn left onto Lake Wheeler Rd, go 1.2 miles, turn right onto Optimist Farm Rd, go .9 miles turn right into the site, there will be SCA signs.

From the South: from Rte 95 go north/west on Rte 55 after go through Fuquay-Varina You will come to a light on the edge of town. Directly across is a Sheets gas station and an Exxon. Turn right, start measuring there 2.8 miles north you will come to a five way intersection at light. Turn left onto Hilltop Needmore Rd, go .4 miles to the next light, right onto Lake Wheeler Rd, go 2.3 miles, turn left onto Optimist Farm Rd, go .9 miles turn right into the site, there will be SCA signs.


For those seeking local accommodations, here are a couple of links to start with: Comfort Inn in Fuquay Varina, Quality Inn in Fuquay Varina, and Holiday Inn Express in Apex-Raleigh.


Autocrat: Baron Steafan O'Reilly E-mail: steafan[AT]nc.rr.com
Reservations: Baroness Labhaiose inghean ui Raghailligh  E-mail: labhaiose[AT]yahoo.com
Merchanting Information: Cathaoir – scott[AT]fractalrust.com