Harrowgate Heath Big Practice

We, the fighters of the canton of Harrowgate Heath, in the eastern fringes of the Barony of Skraeling Althing do hereby cordially invite the Chivalry, fighters, fencers, archers and general populace of the Kingdoms of Ealdormere, the East, and any others that wish to attend, to a day long fighter practice to be held at Lord Micheal Eastbrooke's farm in Monkland, Ontario on Saturday September the 29, 2012.

This will be an outdoor practice and is NOT an official SCA event.

There is plenty of space for heavy fighting and fencing, and an archery range will be set up.

You are welcome to show up as early as 10 AM and we will go all day, or until all are tired.

Lunch is pot luck, bring something to share if you can. If folks are still around at dinnertime, we will probably be heading over to a nearby pub which is our usual fighter practice revelry.

Crash space will be available, as will camping at the site.

Site Address:
17969 McIntosh Rd
Apple Hill, ON
K0C 1B0