Boston loves its geeks

If you're a gamer, a LARPer, a fan, or a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, you're welcome in Boston, according to Ethan Gilsdorf who wrote about the "dweebs, techies, trekkers, weirdos, and gamers" in an article on The article highlights the various activities and organizations in the city including the Barony of Carolingia.

“Boston geeks are today’s Boston Brahmins,” said Tim Loew, executive director of MassDiGI, a center that supports video game development in the Commonwealth. “We are a brains and innovation city and geeks rule the brains and innovation world.” For the interview, Gilsdorf chatted with Shana Heller of Cambridge, known in the SCA as Lady Agnes Godolphin, chatelaine of the Barony of Carolingia.

Carolingia status mentis est,

Carolingia status mentis est, baby!

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