[OUT] Northern Outlands Arts & Sciences Collegium

The Barony of Caer Galen invites you to the third Northern Outlands A&S Collegium.  Please join us for a full day of learning and teaching!

Northern Outlands Arts & Sciences Collegium
January 26, 2013

Site Opens at 8:30 AM and closes at 6:00 PM
Sponsoring Group: Caer Galen

Location: CU Engineering Building, Boulder, CO

Event Steward : Meenakshi da Gama mlpolson@yahoo.com

Fee  NONE, the event is FREE
Site is Dry
An important fact to note: CU Police has a no-weapons policy on campus - no exceptions. If you are wearing or carrying a weapon that is in excess of the Boulder municipal 3" blade law, you will be asked to take it off and put it in your car. Our ability to keep this free site and use it for future events depends upon your cheerful adherence to this policy. (Note: They even mean foam weapons. Really. Not kidding. Not even a
little bit.)

If you are interested in teaching, please contact the class coordinator  Mistress Morgan Rowanwaif at  foxesque @ yahoo.com
Take your favorite route to Hwy 36 / 28th St. in Boulder. Turn West onto Colorado Ave, entering CU campus. Turn Left onto Regent Dr.,  free parking on is on your left in Lot 436, the Engineering Center is on your right.