[DRA] Kingdom University

The Canton of Unikankare is proud to invite all to attend the Kingdom University held in Brinkhall manor in Turku. The weekend will be filled with arts and sciences, great lectures and intriguing workshops. Come to learn new things and share your knowledge! The event will culminate to a delicious feast and a grand ball.

Event Site:
Beautiful 18th century Brinkhall manor (address Brinkhallintie 414, Turku) is in Turku about 20 minutes drive from Turku city center. The site is in our exclusive use and consists of two buildings which are usable in November. There is an accommodation building which has crash space. No beds are unfortunately available. The showers are off-site about 2,5 km drive away. The main building has two floors. Ground floor will hold the feast and some classes and the upper floor will have space for the rest of the classes and dancing. The buildings on the site are poorly handicap accessible. For those wishing rather to stay at a hotel there is reasonably priced accommodation offered only 2,5 km away in Harjattula manor hotel (www.harjattula.fi).

The site opens at 7 pm on Friday and closes at noon on Sunday. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. The site is discreetly damp.

Cost and reservations:
The event costs 40 EUR for SCA/SKA members and 43 EUR for non-members. Children under 3 can come free of charge, 3-12 years olds pay 31 euros and older children pay full price. Prices include the site fee and an evening snack on Friday, breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday and lunch and feast on Saturday.

For those staying off-site and wishing only to make a day visit the price is 22 euros for members and 25 euros for non members. If you wish to have lunch, afternoon snack and feast the price for the food is 15 euros. For children between 3-12 the price for the food is 7,5 euros.

Special diets:
We guarantee to offer vegetarian and low lactose meals. For those with allergies and other dietary restrictions please contact the head cook for details.

Late fee is 8 EUR. Last day to reserve without the late fee is 14th of October 2012. Finnish residents also have to pay by 14th of October 2012 to avoid the late fee. All guests are required to make a reservation in advance.

Reservation form and more information can be found on the event web site: www.turunkeskiaikaseura.org/university (OPENS Sat 8.9.2012 at 0800 hours)

Cancellation policy:
If you cancel your reservation after 14th of October, we unfortunately cannot reimburse you at all. If you have a reservation and neither cancel, pay nor come to the event, we will charge you all costs according to your reservation at the regular prices, including the late fee and a handling fee. The payment goes to Turun keskiaikaseura Unikankare ry's account IBAN FI5943092220098699. We appreciate it if guests from abroad can do an electronic transfer in advance, but cash payments in euros are accepted at the door without a late fee. International payment information is available on the event website.

Travel information and pickups:
The site is accessible by public transport from Turku city center. Connecting buses from airport or Turku harbour are available. The nearest airport is in Turku about 35 minutes drive away. For foreign guests some pick ups will be available. Please contact the event stewards at least 1 month before the event to arrange a pick up. Driving instructions and more information about the public transport can be found on the event web site.

Event Staff

Event steward
Lady Myfanwy Methig

Co-steward and pick up coordinator
Lady Eliana Mattsdotter

Co-steward and reservations coordinator
Lady Luna de la Lorenzo

Head cook
Lady Gytha Bielke

Lord Mikael Rantzow