Sir Gawain and the Green Knight digital manuscript

Murray McGillivray of the Cotton Nero A.x. Project reports that 180 high resolution, color images from the British Library's MS Cotton Nero A.x are now available to view on the website of the University of Calgary Libraries and Cultural Resources. The manuscript includes the complete story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Mr. McGillivray writes:

The images are an extremely significant advance on the detail and representation of the manuscript offered by the Israel Gollancz 1923 EETS
facsimile, and should be useable for many kinds of scholarly work including paleographic study of most kinds. They will also be an astounding resource for undergraduate and graduate study.

The images form the first-published part of /London, British Library MS Cotton Nero A.x. (art. 3): A Digital Facsimile and Commented Transcription/, Publications of the Cotton Nero A.x. Project 3, which will also when complete include a full, highly detailed transcription of the manuscript and new introductory essays on it (history, codicology, paleography, writing system, texts, illustrations) by prominent scholars.