[CAL] Harvest Raids

The sea winds bring word that a fleet of Vikings makes ready to sail upon Saxon England.  In the span of a moon's cycle, they may be upon our shores!  Please join us in the Shire-March of Grimfells Sept. 21-23 and choose your side to decide the fate of a Kingdom!  Complete event information can be found at the event website.

There are some special requirements for our four legged friends of the Canine and Equine Variety.

For our Canine friends, preregistration must be received no later than September 7th by our Dog-o-crat.  Preregistration includes the form linked below and a scan of current vaccinations.  All contract information for Lady Osterle Ostfrieslandter is found both on our website and on the form.  Even if you are unsure if you or your dog will attend, please send in the paperwork.   Preregistration is a strict requirement of the site owner, and any dog without a preregistration will not be allowed on site.

Equestrian has joined our list of events for the first time this year!  For all horses coming to site, a current proof of Coggins Test and a recent health certificate must be presented at the event check in.  Any horse without the mandatory paperwork will not be allowed on site.  For questions, please contact Lady Alexandra of Grimfells.