Changes to membership fees and indemnity requirements in Lochac

Steven Baker, Chairman, SCA Ltd in Australia, reports that changes have been made regarding SCA membership and insurance policies in Australia.

Steven Baker writes:

Greetings from the Board of SCA Ltd to all Australian members,

Due to recent changes the SCA in Australia has experienced with regards to GST, insurance and the cost of complying with the requirements of the ATO and our insurer we need to raise the current membership fee to AU$30 per Australian member per year from the 17th August 2012. This amounts to a five dollar increase in the membership fee, of which $2.73 is to cover GST on memberships and the remaining $2.27 for covering the additional compliance costs and a small increase in cost of insurance. In addition, for those wanting to receive a paper Pegasus the amount for Pegasus has been increased from $20 to $22 to account for GST . Contributing membership has increased from $60 to $70 ($27.27 membership, $20 for Pegasus, $16.36 as a contribution, $6.37 GST).

As part of this change we will be suspending future multi-year memberships until such time as we can determine if any changes are needed to handle future price increases and the amount of time one of these memberships can be taken out for. Please note this change in price and multi-year memberships does not affect any memberships taken out prior to the 17th August 2012.

In addition, to the fee changes there is now a requirement from our insurance company to have all Australian members sign a yearly indemnity. Due to this requirement we have had to implement new policies to ensure all members have a valid and current indemnity. To ensure our members indemnities are current as of the 1st September 2012 we ask that all members do the following:

  1. Logon to the Membership Services section of the SCA Australia website using the following URL -
  2. Once you have logged in, select the option labelled "Update and print indemnity or change address etc. details". This will take you to the membership update option with all your current details displayed. Scroll to the bottom of that page and select your acceptance of the indemnity and click the submit button.  
  3. Once this is done a new page will be displayed at top of which you will see a section labelled "Indemnity update". You will need to print out this page and cut out the indemnity update part and stick it to the back of your membership card. Once this has been done then on presenting your card at an event the constable will check your card to ensure your indemnity is current. Please note if you are updating multiple memberships you need to print off the Indemnity Update page each time otherwise you will have to reapply for a current indemnity for those you missed.
  4. If your indemnity isn't current when attending an SCA event or activity then you will need to sign a Members without cards indemnity form. You will only need to sign the indemnity you will not have to pay the $5 fee as the membership expiry date on your card is proof of current membership.

The Board apologises for the inconvenience this may put people through but it is the only safe way to proceed. The Board therefore asks all members, in the spirit upon which our society was founded, to help us make sure we are properly covered by insurance for all the activities we enjoy as members and get the proof of indemnity added to your card.

Yours in Service,

Steven Baker

Chairman, SCA Ltd