[ATL] Coronation of Vladimir and Kalisa

Darkness looms in Atlantia, as the time for a new Tzar has come. Sadly for the people, transitions of power at this time are rarely peaceful. The next in line for the Throne is not clear cut.  Factions maneuver trying to gain support for their candidates.

Nobles, families, and even entire cities line up behind the banners of the Great Lords seeking the Crown.  The next Tzar could be decided peacefully by a wise council or by the clash of armies.

Martial Activities:  Team Bearpit! Heavy: Teams are allowed to be up to 8 people each. From those 8 they send to the field a group of fighters that total 5 points with Knights counting as 2 points each, fighter authorized less than a year are worth 0 points (but only two can take the field at any one time) and all other fighters worth 1 point. Winning team holds the field (up to 3 times) and losers go to the back of the list. Once a team sends a group to the field they cannot change the makeup of the group until they leave the field (either by being defeated or winning three times). Fencing: Same rules as heavy except White Scarves count as 2 points, fighters authorized less than a year are worth 0 points (but only two can take the field at any one time) and all other fighters worth 1 point.  Archery: Team archery shoot - details to come.  Equestrian:  There will be a full Equestrian Demonstration throughout the day.

Arts & Sciences Activities:   “Conspicuous Consumption” Competition: Those of 14th century Russia desired to outdo their neighbor with their flare and display of wealth. This competition is all about displaying your wealth on your person. It is open to garb from ANY time or place. Documentation describing your “wealth” is required. Judging will happen during the timeslot chosen during registration.

“Entertainment” for the new Rulers: On this special day in history, there would have been entertainment for the new King and Queen. Present yourself (or your team) for this competition to win the coveted honor or performing at the end of evening court. It can be any “medieval” form of entertainment.

Royal Scrivener: Attention scribes!

The Scrivener Royal is a Kingdom Notable position selected for excellence in the scribal arts, and is expected to be committed to serving with and encouraging others in their art. They also act as the personal scribe to the Crown if needed. The duties of the Royal Scrivener are: The Royal Scrivener must host the next Royal Scrivener competition and make the scroll for winning the competition. That is all that is required. The benefits of being Royal Scrivener are that you are offered the opportunity by the Clerk Signet to choose what scrolls you would like to do for the upcoming awards. Their Royal Majesties may also ask for special scrolls to be completed by the Royal Scrivener. You also have the opportunity to be the lead scribe at any Royal progress events that you are able to attend. The competition will be to complete at least one kingdom, AoA-level BACKLOG scroll. If you wish you may display other scrolls of varying award levels done in a variety styles to showcase y our work. No documentation required. The new Scrivener will simply be chosen from amongst the entrants by Their Royal Highnesses, Vladimir and Kalisa, to serve during Their reign. Please contact Mistress Sunniva ( sunniva_kyrre(AT)verizon(DOT)net ) to confirm backlog availability and if you have any questions. If not able to attend, scrolls can be sent to her for the competition.

Tempore Atlantia: 1492-1600 is this event’s time period.

Tempore Poetry: The Poeta Atlantiae is sponsoring a poetry competition at Coronation in connection with Tempore Atlantia. The time frame is 1492-1600. Your poem must be written in a medieval style that was popular from 1492-1600. In addition, it should cover an historic event in Russia during the period 1492-1600. Russian history during this time period is peppered with poetic fodder. Events include the reign of Ivan the Terrible (the first Russian Tsar), the Russo-Turkish War, the Crimean Campaign, the conquest of Siberia, Polish-Lithuanian raids, and the sea-trading blockade carried out by the Swedes, Poles and the Hanseatic League. Ivan himself wrote poetry, was a composer of considerable talent, and supported the arts. His Orthodox liturgical hymn, "Stichiron No. 1 in Honor of St. Peter" and fragments of his letters were put into music in modern times. Sadly, Ivan accidentally killed his son during an argument. Documentation is required. Please indicate the time frame for the style of medieval poetry you used and provide a brief introduction to the story your poem conveys. Other judging criteria and a short form documentation form are provided on the Poeta Website at http://poeta.atlantia.sca.org/fnc.htm Of course, we will be delighted to accept your poem even with minimal documentation. There will be a separate judging category for children aged 12 and younger. Judging requirements will be relaxed for children.

Open Display: All are welcome to display their work.


        Adult, Member:          $10.00 Day-Trip $12.00 Feast    $10.00 Camping

        Adult, Non-Member:  $15.00 Day-Trip $12.00 Feast    $10.00 Camping

        Youth (5-17):              $5.00 Day-Trip   $12.00 Feast    $0.00 Camping

        Child (0-4):                 $0.00 Day-Trip   $0.00 Feast      $0.00 Camping

Make Checks Payable To:  SCA, Inc., Barony of Tir-y-Don

Cost Notes:  Feast MAY be available only to those who pre-register by Sunday, September 16, 2012.  If you think you will be coming, PLEASE pre-register so that we may be prepare the site accordingly.

Site:  Bayport Scout Reservation 130 Scout Trail Jamaica, VA  23079. Site opens Friday 4pm, closes Sunday, 12pm.

Site Restrictions:  No Alcohol.  No pets.  No open flames in the hall.  Firebowls Only.  Certain parts of the field may not be driven on.  Please pay attention to maps and guides.

Feast Information:  The feast will have a 14th C. Russian and/or Slavic theme.

Merchanting Information:  Merchants are very welcome.  Please contact the Autocrat to reserve your spot.  Please do so by September 16, 2012.

Autocrat's Information:  Doña Mariana Francisco mariana[AT]haakonstead.org

Reservations:  Lady Avelyn of Kennington cs_foxglove[AT]yahoo.com


From points North: From US I-95South in Fredericksburg Exit 126 onto US-1/US17S toward Massaponax.  Follow US-17S for 66 miles.  Turn left onto Canoe House Road. (If you pass the Virginia Motor Speedway on US-17, you went too far)**

From Points West: Take US-33E through West Point.  Follow US33E until it intersects with US-17N. Turn left onto US-17N.  You will see the Virginia Motor Speedway on the left.  0.8 miles past the speedway you will see Canoe House Road (Rt. 605) and the Bayport Scout Reservation billboard. Make a right onto Canoe House Road.  **

From Points South: Take your best route to US17N.  Continue to follow US-17N passing through York County, over the Coleman Bridge ($2.00 toll) and through Gloucester County.  You will see the Virginia Motor Speedway on the left.  0/8 miles past teh speedway you will see Canoe House Road (Rt. 605) and the Bayport Scout Reservation billboard.  Turn right onto Canoe House Road.

** Follow Canoe House Rd. 3.5 miles, making a left at every fork in the road.  Canoe House Road will chage to Bayport Road (Rt.604).  You will go down a winding hill and over a small bridge.  After the bridge make a left into the camp property.  Continue forward until you reach the Welcome Center.