[MER] Castle Wars IX

Join the Barony of the South Downs as we live it up before the end of the world! Come to Lake Tobesofkee for a full weekend of camping, heavy and light fighting, archery, live weapons, hound coursing, equestrian, arts, shopping, children’s activities and revelry!

Volunteers are welcome with prizes awarded for volunteer hours, and we’re also doing another Toys for Tots toy drive.

Adult Weekend Before Nov. 1 $13.00 | After Nov. 1 $15.00

Adult Daytrip Before Nov. 1 $11.00 | After Nov. 1 $13.00

Children (12 and under) free

Non-Member Surcharge $5.00

Site opens 3pm Thursday, November 15th for preregistrations and for all others at 5pm on Thursday.

Site closes at noon on Sunday, November 18th. Groups wishing to reserve land should register by October 15, with at least 10 people pre-registering in each group. Please check the event website for more information on the new land procedures.

* Per SCA regulations, no family shall pay a site fee higher than 3 adult member fees, as long as the children are 15 years of age or younger and they are all members. Please make checks payable to Barony of South Downs, SCA, Inc.


Maire (Myra) Dhocair Inghean Chiarain unicorn31777@yahoo.com

Event Steward:

Master Robin Gallowglass robin@gallowglass.org

*no monsters were harmed in the creation of this Facebook Invite...