[MER] Crossroads of Art and War

Join the Shire of Owl's Nest for a weekend of higher level classes and training in combat, coursing, and the arts and sciences!

Crossroads of Arts and War is a full weekend of higher level classes and activities taught by many of our Peers & marvels of Meridies. We aim to provide advanced training & classes; sure to satisfy your cravings, now that you have whetted your appetites with the basics! (Don't worry, we'll be including some of those basics, too.) It's an event perfect for all the fighters & artisans of the Kingdom ... focused on teaching you more of what you love!

In addition to classes and fighting we'll have other events such as a Sweets & Meats revel, Kingdom Bard and Poet Laureate competitions and a medieval fashion show where artisan's of the Kingdom can show off their finest handiwork to amaze the masses!

Event Pricing

Weekend Event Fee - $15

Day Trip Event Fee - $12

Non-member Surcharge - $5

Children 6-12 - $7

Under 6 - Free

(No non-member fee for children)