The Baroness who saved Star Trek

In the Kingdom of Caid, their Excellencies Mistress Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani and Master John ap Griffin are known as the former Baroness and Baron of the Barony of the Angels, but in other worlds, they are known as the driving forces behind the movement to save Star Trek.

Star Trek, the original series, just passed its 45th anniversary as a science fiction phenomemon and a cultural icon, but if it weren't for fans like Bjo and John Trimble, the aforementioned Baron and Baroness, there might never have been a third season of the series. Bjo Trimble: The Woman Who Saved Star Trek, an article on the official Star Trek website, chronicles the effort.

Slight correction

 Actually, we just passed the 46th anniversary of Star Trek.  If you check the date on the article at, it was written in August of 2011.