Contributors: Problem with Firefox version 15 on

We have just become aware that a recent Firefox update, version 15, may be causing a problem with our web interface to contribute articles. There have been no changes to our site, and we have confirmed that the bug does not appear in Chrome or earlier Firefox versions.

The symptom is that you contribute an article, and the body text is not saved to the database. For now, contributors should not use Firefox 15 to contribute stories.

We are working to resolve the problem, and we apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Update 2012-09-11: We have found the source of the problem. Firefox 15 changed its JavaScript support in a way that broke our site's WYSIWYG text editor module. The module we have has been superseded by a newer module, which we will be installing as soon as we finish some offline testing to make sure the new module works correctly.