[EAL] Middle Ages on the Green 2

I look forward to seeing any and all able to come to Bryniau's "Middle Ages on the Green 2", this Saturday August 25, 2012.  It is a little, and simple, event day with many ways to relax and enjoy the waning days of summer with our families and many friends.

 "Middle Ages on the Green    - M.A.G. II
 Our "just play" day!
 Saturday August 25, 2012
 11am-8pm (before dark)

 hosted by The Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog at

 Laurel Creek Conservation Area
 The Critter Shelter
 625 Westmount Rd., RR 3
 Waterloo, ON   N2J 2Z4
 Approximate latitude 43° 29' 34" N
 Approximate longitude 80° 34' 8" W

Come and picnic, gear up, play games (board, badminton...), work on that project just picked up at Pennsic, or go for a swim at the nearby sand-beach!  Bring family and friends to introduce our favourite hobby!

 Conservation Area Gate Fees:
 5.50  over 14
 2.75  6-14 years of age
 free   5 and under

 Site is strictly DRY (Site rules)

 Bring a lunch, and stay for a potluck feast!

 Please have your Loonies and Toonies ready as we "pass the hat" to pay for the shelter costs
 (We recommend $4 for anybody over 14)

Site notes:  Amenities include water, hydro, flush toilets, and surrounding green spaces.  Presences most welcome - show off to the general public wandering the park!"