[DRA] Hunting Feast/JaktGille

Örehus is proud to announce that the fifth Hunting Feast/JaktGille (sponsored by Attemark) will be held on the 7th to 9th of September, 2012 in the southern Nordmark.

It will be a weekend filled with archery competitions to decide who will be the next Jägermeister of Örehus for the year to follow. We can also offer other activities for all ages. And of course a Feast with plenty of good food...

The site is found at Aggarp, Helsingborgs scoutgård (no street address), in the forest between Munka Ljungby and Örkelljunga. There are 36 beds and crash space on the floor, and outside there is a meadow were you could put your tent.

Site opens at 18.00 on Friday and closes at 14.00 on Sunday.

The fee for the weekend is 350 SEK and includes 2 breakfasts, lunch, banquet and a lighter meal on Friday evening. Children below 6 years of age are free, and children 6-14 years of age pay half price.

Payment is made to Örehus account pg 57 60 09-5
Foreign guests can pay at the door.

Last day for registration is the 26th of August and more information is to be found online.

/Alazaïs de Cordes
autocrat for Örehus Hunting Feast