[MID] Saxon Summer XXII

Join the Shire of Rivenvale for another Saxon Summer at Joseph Badger Meadows Campground

September 21-23 at

Joseph Badger Meadows Campground
7266 Hayes Orangeville Rd. NE
Burghill, OH 44404

Site opens at 4PM Friday, closes at 12PM Sunday

Children: $2.50
Adult: $5.00
Feast: $10.00
Camping fee: $10.00
Non-member surcharge: $5.00

There will be rapier fighting, heavy fighting, archery, thrown weapons, and equestrian activities as well as A&S classes. There is indoor space for merchants (No fee!) and plenty of outdoor space for camping, as well as bathrooms and showers.

Autocrat: Lady Anne de Lille EANALEPA@gmail.com

Make checks payable to SCA inc- Shire of Rivenvale