Last Chance IV

Atlantians! Last chance to authorize for Pennsic!

The No-Longer Incipient Canton of River's Point is proud to present to you The LAST Chance. Yep! We're doing it again! Do you have a new piece of armor you want to try out before Pennsic? Do you need that last chance at authorizing at a new weapons form? Do you want to get together with (hopefully) hundreds of your fighting bretheren in a real "smack down" of a Melee practice? Do you want to come just South of Richmond and hang out with cool folks at a local College? Would you like the opportunity to get valuable pointers on your fighting? Do you just want to go somewhere and have fun?

Well, do we have an event for YOU... It's called Last Chance... Why do we call it Last Chance, you might ask... well it's as the name implies.. it's your "Last Chance" to get authorized and your "Last Chance to get in a Melee practice before everyone starts the great pack up and migration to Pennsylvania.

Last Chance IV will be held at the "usual" site, which is the Richard Bland College Soccer Field (110301 Johnson Road, Petersburg, VA 23805) on July 31, 2004.

In case you're wondering about site accommodations, keep in mind that this is a very low-key event... There are no buildings except for what we bring to the site. Porta-castles will be provided, of course) and there will be minimal shade available, but please, if you have it, bringing your shade with you would be a good thing (tm). Pets, unfortunately, are not allowed and there is no feast, but there are several restaurants in the area and we will be providing maps. There will also be NO children's activities scheduled at this event, so please plan accordingly. There will be an area set aside for A&S display, so please feel free to bring your projects!

Now.. as for the fighting.. there will be heavy and rapier fighting as well as combat archery and siege weapons. Unfortunately, there will not be thrown weapons.

Event Schedule:
9:00 Site Opens
10:00 Authorizations Begin
11:00 Melee Practice Begins
5:00 Baronial Court
6:00 Site Closes

Directions to Site:
From the North: Take your best Route to I-95 South to Petersburg, Va. Take I-85 South to the Squirrel Level Road exit. Follow the event signs.

From the South of Petersburg: Take your best Route to the I-85 and I-95 Interchange. Take the Squirrel Level Road exit, follow the signs.

Autocrat Information: Lady Rhiannon of Berra
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email. I will be happy to address all concerns