[NOR] Fall Coronation 2012

Fall Coronation 2012: Coronation of HRH Yngvar inn Heppni and HRH Luce Tolle Saturday September 8, 2012

Open: 9am for populace; 8am for Royalty (and their people), staff, and merchants
Closes: 9 pm. Clean-up needs to be done by 10 pm, so late-stayers are welcome volunteers.

Held in the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr
At Cardinal Stritch University
6801 N. Yates Rd***
Milwaukee, WI 53217
There is plenty of free parking as well as Handicapped parking and accessibility.

Event Steward:
Julianna de Leon
... and Nikea de Leon and Alice of Kent (Barbara Kearns)

Event Steward (Deputy):
Ambrose Faron
... and Gabrielle Roslyn Morley

Site Rules - IMPORTANT!

Please help out by keeping in mind that some of our members have a student group at this University, and that those students have a great personal stake in our relationship with the University, and how things go with this first event here. Thanks for helping out!!!

None of us can bring in our own alcohol under any circumstances. There is a cash bar. Non-alcoholic beverages from outside are fine.

Food from offsite is allowed; however, heating elements are not allowed, and discretion is asked when eating. (For instance, to quote, "no pot-luck-looking spreads".)

All weapons, even "just small knives", must be peace-tied -- there must be a physical restraint holding weapons in their sheaths. If an item is weapon-like, err on the side of caution. There will be armored combat at this event, and we are allowed those rattan-and-related weapons for that purpose. Bows, arrows, and similar weapons are not allowed, since peace-bonding is not practical. (As A Very Special Exception, the Sword of State and any weapon that is actually part of the actual Coronation ceremony will be allowed free during its use in the actual Coronation ceremony itself. Even such weapons will be peace-tied at all other times.)

Site fees

Members (adults and children) $5
Non Members (Add the $5 NMF)
There is NO pre-registration for site or feast -- first-come, first-serve, that day. "The early bird gets the ... feast!"

Merchant Fees

Free! No extra fees for merchanting!
Pre-registration with Merchant Steward is required in order to sell.
We have plenty of room for merchants. If you wish to sell your wares at Coronation, please send a completed copy of the Wisconsin Temporary Event Operator and Seller Information form, along with your site fee ($5 [+ $5 NMF if applicable]), to the Merchant Steward. Please make checks out to: "SCA-WI, Inc - Caer Anterth Mawr"

Each space is 10' x 8'. Maximum of 2 spaces per merchant. Please specify whether you wish 1 or 2 spaces. The deadline for securing your merchant space is August 31, 2012. Special Note: Due to the university's weapons policies, edged blades (knives, swords, etc.) [...MISSING TEXT; Webinister *is* checking back for the rest of this sentence. Probably either "... must stay peace-bonded and sheathed", or more likely, "...can not be sold." See Site Rules.]. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Merchant Steward.

Merchant Steward: Arnbjorn Karlsson

Lodging: Reserved Hotel Block & Crash Space

A block of rooms has been reserved for Coronation, through August 24th, under the group code "SCA". After the 24th, those rooms will be released for anyone to reserve. But if you can get a room, the reserved rate of $79 a night remains good for us until the event.

(The August 24th date is an extension of the original deadline, because our reservation was confirmed but was not showing up in their system for some amount of time. If you had tried to reserve a room under our block and failed, please do try again now.)

The hotel has rooms with 2 Full-Sized beds, and rooms with 1 King-Sized bed. Our reserved block of rooms (those guaranteed to be available until the deadline) has only rooms with 2 Full-Sized beds. But the price is good for for both kinds. If you want a "King", just give the code for the price, ask for the kind of room you want, and hope there is still one un-sold.

You can make reservations at the Radisson directly, using the information below. If you have any particular questions that the first person answering the phone can not answer, you can ask for the person in charge of group reservations. She works Fridays and Saturdays, but not Sundays or Mondays.

Radisson Hotel Milwaukee North Shore
7065 North Port Washington Road
Glendale, WI 53217

For those interested in Crash Space, please contact the Hospitalier. For the best and fastest match include any useful info you can think of, like: How many people, for how many nights, in your party? Any special needs? Do you smoke or have children with you or have allergies we should know of? About when would you arrive? Planning post-revel on Saturday?


This is a catered feast by the cooks at the University. It will be served in traditional SCA style, and there will be space for off-board seating as well as a list of restaurants in the area. Note: do still bring your own feast gear; the catering service is not providing dishes or utensils from which to eat. Cash bar will be available for drinks.


There will be heavy weapons fighting, either outside in a great space, or inside if it rains.


We strongly encourage an authentically medieval presence! We have plenty of space for you to set up your authentically medieval area both inside and outside where the fighting will be, weather permitting of course. If you have banners and/or banner stands, please bring them. Creating or maintaining a medieval atmosphere presents a continual challenge, of course, but let us do what we can for ourselves and each other in this area. Especially for a high occasion like this Coronation.


There will be a Herald's Consultation Table at Coronation.