[WES] Viking Event

The winter snows begin to approach and soon we will see the first flakes of winter. ‘Tis time once again to gather together and meet in celebration, take council, and renew our bonds of friendship. We invite you to come and join our fires the Saturday of Sept 8, 2012 for the Viking Event!

As in years and events past this family friendly event will offer something for everyone.

here will be Heavy and Rapier Fighting: Both Tournaments to hold to the spirit of looting and pillaging. To be able to enter the Tournament you MUST be sponsored by an artisan. (Or sponsor yourself) The Idea is to have an A&S project as entry fee. The  fighting will be in Honor of Geri and Freki, Odin’s Wolves and therefore a Wolf pit not bear pit will take place. He who wins the tournament will have first choice of the treasures (artisan’s offerings) then second place and so on. There will be no warrior forgotten! All will pillage and get loot to show their valor and prowess!
There will be a team competition for all ages! PIG BALL!!! Who can get their ‘ball’ from midfield to their ‘goal’ shall win? Ok… well the most of their ‘ball’ It is suggested hat for this game you do not wear your best garb!
There will be a feast fit for the halls of Valhalla Details to be announced closer to event!
During the feast there will be a Bardic! This bardic is to be as outstanding as the day’s activities. Named nothing less than the “No _______ There I was!” Bardic. Those with tales of glorious feats and victory with nothing more than a plastic spork!! THIS IS THY FORUM!!! Please come and share your tales or sit back with thy tankard and listen to tales of old.
This event will take place at Chugach foot hills park. Site will open at 11 Am and close at 8 pm.

Site fees will be $10.00 for Vikings 12 seasons and older. 5-11 seasons $5.00 under 5 will cost you a tall tale. NMS is $5.00

Any and all questions should be directed to the autocrat of this event: Isabel de la Hay:  carrier pigeon: chiversii@yahoo.com