[DRA] Turnier des Herzwaldes III

The Shire of Vielburgen in the Barony of Knight´s Crossing in Germany invites you to the Turnier des Herzwaldes III (Tournament of the Heartforest III).

Are you worthy to enter the Castle of Ladies?

On the 8th day of September – a Saturday - , the gentle Ladies invite worthy combatants to enter the lists in the ruins of Burg Ruprechtseck in the village of Ruppertsecken, near the famed Donnersberg. Prove your worth at the gate, either with a gift the ladies find suitable, or in single concept with the mysterious Red Knight. Once inside, enter the Lists and do fine Deeds of Arms for the sake of your renown and the entertainment of the Noble Gallery. The fighter who impressed the ladies most will be our Champion des Herzwaldes. It is not necessary to win every fight if you want to impress the ladies – fight with honor and passion!

Second, every honorable Lord has the chance to impress the Ladies during the day with non-fighting deeds – entertain the Ladies by singing, playing an instrument or dancing, show your fine arts in crafting, be a gentleman and offer something to drink or eat, just be creative! Every Lady has five favors which she can give away to a Lord who deserves it in her eyes. The Lord with the most favors in the end of the day will be our Companion of the Herzwald.

All who would share in the day, be they honorable combatants, Gentle Ladies, noble spectators, heralds or even jongleurs, are most welcome. Following the Tournament, the Shire of Vielburgen will supply luncheon and a delicious feast in the evenig with revel.

Site: Burgruine, near of Bergstraße 12, 67808 Ruppertsecken

Ruppertsecken is a small town with 400 inhabitants, there are no shops in the town. If you need food, bevarages or something else you are asked to buy them in the nearest bigger towns Kirchheimbolanden or Rockenhausen with lot of supermarkets.

Site directions: coming from the north (Mainz) or from the south (Kaiserslautern) take the A63 Autobahn Exit at Kirchheimbolanden and follow the signs to Rockenhausen. After about 8km behind Kirchheimbolanden you will see a sign Ruppertsecken 4km – turn right here.

Friday, Sep. 8th, 2012:
1600-2200 Begin site preparation works (help appreciated), then social gathering at Konrad´s and Mechthild´s house (Hauptstraße 23)

Saturday Sep. 8th 2012:
0930 Site opens
1000-1800 Turnier des Herzwaldes III
2000-??? After-event feast and revelry at Konrad´s and Mechthild`s house (Hauptstraße 23, 67808 Ruppertsecken) .

Sunday Sep. 9th 2012:
Small breakfast at Konrad´s and Mechthild´s house for crash spacers. Guests of the guesthouse will have breakfast there (included in the overnight prize).

Site fee including all meals and feast:
Weekend Friday to Sunday adults 25,00€, kids (age 6 to 13) 15,00€
Daytripper adults 15,00€, kids (age 6 to 13) 10,00€
Familycap 80,00€ the whole weekend
Hotelprices are not included.

Reservations can be made on our website. You will find additional tournament details there.

Reservation is required, so we may prepare an appropriate quantity of food. Only a payed reservation is a guaranteed reservation. You will get bank account informations with your reservation email.

The event site is not child safe. Please be aware of your kids.
For questions about food please contact Lady Mechthild.

We booked a standard hotel in the town just beneath the site. The little hotel has 11 beds (single and double rooms) for only 22 Euros per night and person including breakfast. If you are interested please contact Lord Konrad. When the hotel is booked out I can assist you to find a hotel in the surrounding.

In addition we can offer limited crash space in an office building about 100 meters away from the event site and the revelry site. Please contact Lord Konrad if you are interested and bring your own bedding (including air mattresses or something similar).

Event Steward: Lord Konrad von Lewenstein
eMail: konrad@zeitboten.de

Marshal-in-Charge: Stefano di Genoa
eMail: wensaddejemok@hotmail.com

Head Cook: Mechthild Quattermart
eMail: Mechthild@zeitboten.de