"Variety keeps history fresh" in Calontir

The sailing of Three Rivers' carboard ship, the Esperanza, for the Wings of Hope Charity, has placed a spotlight on the SCA in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Reporter David Baugher of the South County Times recently interviewed several members of the group. (photos)

"My mother would say that I never got over playing dress-up," said Baroness Slaine ni Chiarain (Mary Haselbauer). "I enjoy history. I've gone from having a very romantic view of it to having a more academic view and I've been able to combine both of those."

Baugher learned about the life and interests of the SCA. "Variety keeps history fresh," said Lyriel de la Foret (Debra Vigil) about the many interests members, such as herself and her husband, have within the Society.