Chateau de Camville Schola Weekend

You are invited to attend the next Chateau de Camville "Schola" Weekend. The focus of these weekends is to improve our SCA related skills and experiences. The format of the weekend is one of intensive (and fun) training and creativity.

The combative arts training is structured in a fashion that allows the student to build a solid foundation of skills that will aid in developing an effective fighting style. The arts & sciences activities are focused on creating those things (such as garb and camp enhancements) that enrich our SCA experience.

DATE: Aug. 31 to Sept. 2, 2012
PLACE: "Chateau de Camville"
ADDRESS: 2735 Possum Creek Road Placerville, CA. 95667
TIME: Site opens at 3:00pm on Friday 8/31 and closes at 5:00pm on Sunday 9/2
PHONE: 530-621-2430

FEE: The gathering is FREE OF CHARGE! We ask that if you are staying for the weekend that you contribute two side dishes (one for lunch and one for dinner). If you are day tripping on Saturday we ask that you provide a side dish for dinner.

RSVP DATE: August 23, 2012  (RSVP's are REQUIRED to attend.

Looking for a unique SCA experience? Want to IMPROVE your skills and understanding of the arts, crafts and sciences practiced in the SCA? Then attend the Fall Chateau de Camville "Schola" for a weekend of learning, fellowship and evening revelry! This gathering has an attendance cap of 30 individuals. Once we hit that cap the event attendance is closed. When you RSVP please let us know how many in your group and if you will be camping or needing crash space. Crash space is awarded on a first RSVP, first served" kind of program (grin).

CRASH SPACE/CAMP SPACE: We have some nice areas to set up your tent! Crash space is at a premium so expect to share rooms and space with folks. Bring your bedrolls/sleeping bags. Two bathrooms in the house for use. Be courteous of others and conservative in your use of space. There are stairs on the covered deck and in the house. The property has inclines and hills. If mobility is an issue, please take note of this. We live in the country so it is pretty dark at night. There are grocery and department stores right off of the Missouri Flat exit if you need to get something before you arrive.

COMBATIVE ARTS TRAINING: BRING YOUR FIGHTING GEAR! Training starts at 10:00am sharp (we start with a stretch and a brisk walk)! These training sessions will require you to know the fundamentals of stance, footwork, shield work and motion-with-action (email RdC at to get the terminology hand out). The structured classes will not be restarted or interrupted if you are late. The day will be broken down into two parts. The first half of the day will focus on a set of skills that are needed to improve one's understanding and performance of the armored combative arts. The second part of the day will be drills (unarmored and armored) and sparring (armored) to help the body learn the lessons of the day. We ask that fighters attend both parts of the day as these sessions are structured. Sorry, no half day attendance.

A&S ACTIVITIES: We're putting together a great A&S series of classes! Here is just a sample: Garb Patterns/Construction, Leather Tooling 101, Soap Making, Horse 101/102, Intro to Thrown Weapons, Roundtable Discussion, Scribal Arts…and more. Teachers are always welcome to offer up a class. This is a great place to "dry run" your A&S or Collegium class!

FOOD CONTRIBUTIONS:  To help us feed everyone (about 25) please bring a lunch and dinner side dish (Chateau de Camville will provide the main courses and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning). Hot or cold dishes are fine. Desserts are optional and can be brought as well. Beverages: We usually have water, tea, coffee, lemonade and sports drinks on hand but adult beverages and sodas are a good idea to bring if you wish to have them on hand. If you are spending the night please bring TWO side dishes (Saturday lunch and dinner) if you are just day tripping (not staying for dinner) then just bring one side dish.

GARB: This is a casual weekend. Garb is not required. If you plan to take the Horse 101 class on Sunday please wear jeans and a solid toe show or boot (you may get a little dirty). Combatants: Wear your gambesons or sweats for the unarmored portions of the day. Armored will be needed for the armed training parts (grin).

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Everyone: Bring your bedrolls, comfy clothes, shower kit/towel, your favorite beverages, your CHAIR, music (CD's) and whatever you need to feel comfortable, productive and focused.

ROUND TABLE/REVEL: There will a revel in the evening after dinner! Roundtable type discussions will occur. Bring your positive attitude and get ready to have some fun in the country! Bring your favorite music too! Modern or medieval is fine.

ANIMALS: Please note that there are two horses and two friendly dogs on site. Dogs are welcomed BUT they should be leashed up, if your canine has wanderlust, as the surrounding area is pretty vast, heavily wooded and there is an irrigation canal nearby. Please keep your dogs tethered to something (we have two dog runs and a large kennel available) if you are concerned about them getting lost. If your pups know enough to come home after an adventure it is up to you! Stickers and ticks will be in season! The horses are not afraid of dogs and can potentially kick at them if pestered. Just an FYI.

CHILDREN: Children are always welcome. There is a swing set on the property and lots of room to get outside and play! There is also an Xbox 360 available for use. There is a hiking trail along the irrigation canal as well. Parents/Guardians are responsible for the needs and behavior of their children. Bring whatever you need to keep you children happy and healthy!

DIRECTIONS: From Hwy 50 heading towards Placerville, take the Missouri Flats Road exit and head SOUTH. Follow Missouri Flats Road (you'll pass several strip centers) until it T-stops at Pleasant Valley Road./Hwy. 49. Make a LEFT on Pleasant Valley Road. You'll go through part of Diamond Springs (really cheap gas there). There is an unoccupied office building on the right hand side just before Hanks Exchange Road. Make a RIGHT on Hanks Exchange Road.  Make a LEFT on Ranch Road (it's gravel from here). Stay on Ranch Road (there is a fork and going to the right puts you back on Hanks Exchange). Make a RIGHT on Kenwood Rd. Make a SHARP LEFT at Possum Creek. (There is two other driveways near the corner. Stay to the far left hand side for Possum Creek). At the end of Possum Creek there are two long driveways. Take the one to the LEFT and it will lead you to the house (look for the shield propped up against the tree). We'll leave the lights on for you! For our "city friends" please be mindful of the wildlife. Lots of deer and turkey walk around in the evening and can cross the road at the most inopportune times. It is also VERY dark on the roads so take your time driving. Look for the signs that say PARTY in calligraphy to help guide your way!

We look forward to sharing the weekend with you!

In Service,

Richard and Alloria