[ANT] September Crown Tournament

Come witness the epic tournament to determine who will be our next King and Queen!  Enjoy the pageantry of the Kingdom Equestrian Tournament and Championship! Get your Arts & Sciences geek on! Take in the lovely view of the Olympic Mountains!

Event:  September Crown Tournament
Date:    August 31-September 3, 2012
Branch:  Dragon's Laire, (Kitsap&  N. Mason Counties, WA)
Site:    Norseland-Bremerton Motorsports Park; 8651 State Highway 3, Port Orchard, WA 98367
Opening: Noon, August 31
Closing: 1 p.m. September 3

More information can be found on the web-site

There will be a Full Contact Unbelted Artisans Geek Out for artisans not in a relationship with a Laurel.  Separately, there will be a short (2 to 3 hour) Arts and Sciences Display and Demonstration open to all, laurels, apprentii, unbelted artisans, etc. Please come and show off your talents! For more information, contact THL Madrun at caldera@olympus.net.

For martiallate information, please contact Mistress Althaia at quarong@q.com or Master Cedric Wlfraven at wlfraven@comcast.net. For questions on Equestrian activities, please contact Tsuruko Sensei at tsuruko@dancingcraneart.com.

Adults:    $15
Youth (6-17)    $7
Family Cap (modernly related):    $44
Non-Member Surcharge of $5 applies.
Make checks payable to SCA Inc., Barony of Dragon's Laire. ACCEPS and pre-registration are now available. You can access it by going to http://acceps.ansteorra.org/index.php. Use the pull down menu to select An Tir, then hit the 'Go To Events' button. Select September Crown and hit the 'Go To Registration' button.

Camping reservations:  After pre-registering, contact THL Elisabeth Trostin at campingindl@gmail.com.  ***CAMPING RESERVATION CLOSES ON AUGUST 16***

**Please Note:  This is a primitive site**  You will need to bring your own water.  The site is terraced, which means that there will be challenges for those with mobility issues.  Please be extremely careful driving at night.

Event Steward: Baron Arontius of Bygleswade arontius@comcast.net.

Artisans Open Display and Demo

There will be a short (2 to 3 hour) Arts and Sciences Display and Demonstration at September Crown in Dragon's Laire.  It will run on an entirely different day that the Unbelted Geek Out, in case you would like to participate in both.  The A&S Display and Demonstration is open to all, laurels, apprentii, unbelted artisans, etc.  Please come and show off your talents to all of us!

Some guidelines:

1. The project must be substantially finished.

2. You must remain with your project for most of the display/ demonstration.  The display/demonstration will run for only two hours or so, making staying with your project pretty easy.

3. Documentation is greatly encouraged, but not required.  We want to see what you are doing!  Come and show us!

4. Please bring a chair/table and whatever you need for your display.

Time and Place will be announced as we get closer to the event.  As mentioned above, this will not conflict with the Geek Out (or the Laurels' meeting).   To reserve a space, contact HL Aelianora at rgiles@centurytel.net .


Weekend-long Large Arts & Sciences Demo

Is two hours of demo not enough for you?  Do you have the desire to demo all or part of the weekend?  Then considered bringing your tent and setting up around the Arts & Sciences area for a mini “Artisan’s Village”.  You don’t have to demo continuously (since we all know Crown events are very busy), but here is a chance to really share your love of the arts and sciences.  If you are interested, contact HL Madrun for more details and to reserve a spot, caldera@olympus.net  .