Pennsic 41 A&S Exhibit: "A Moveable Feast"

Lady Mary of Montevale, a Feature Reporter for the Pennsic Independent, describes the magnificent array of culinary and other works at the Pennsic Arts and Sciences Display.

Alongside period ravioli seasoned with hand-crushed herbs and spices, cured pork, and carefully-researched home-brewed beverages were a Gorgon pebble mosaic in Greek style, a stunning blackwork-adorned dress in a style from 9th or 10th century India, heraldry done in beadwork, and many other treasures.

The Bomticc Tapestry, depicting a history of the SCA from AS 1 through (at completion) AS 50 in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry, was exhibited as a work-in-progress by Lady Jadwiga Wlodzislawska, and attracted much attention from visitors.

Lady Mary's article, and a photograph of part of the Bomticc Tapestry, are at the Pennsic Independent web site link below.