[ART] Old Farts Tournament and Picnic

It's August!  The crops that have not yet been burned to a crisp by the drought wither on the stalk and pray for a quick harvest to end their misery! In like manner the OLDE FARTS of The Shire of Otherhill will gather down by the Bear River to harvest those brash young men and women that venture out under the hot August sun. 

Come join the oldest shire in the fair Kingdom of Artemisia and see what kind of old tricks the old farts have to teach the spry young dogs of war!!!! 

There will be a tourney with a prize going to the slyest old fart and a prize going to the most brazen and successful young dog.  At this time we forsee heavy weapons, but we welcome the other forms of warfare as well. Rapier!  Archery! Thrown Weapons! (Please bring your own targets or a DEFINITE reservation so that we might procure what is needed!)
As the group area we have reserved is somewhat primitive, the mid-afternoon feast will be a picnic, with the Shire of Otherhill providing grilled meats, suitable breads and such.  You are welcome to bring small fried pieces of white roots or of mashed corn.  Bring drinking water, though we shall endeavor to ensure that bottled water and cheap bubbly colored water is also available.

As you go about eating sausages, burgers and more rejoice, for the park is damp!  The request that we do not bring in kegs of beer nor glass containers, so bring your own spirits! 

The park is handicapped accessible and pets are welcome, but must be tethered to their owners at all times.

(Violators would likely face mundane prosecution, and afterwards the Shire of Otherhill will ship you off to clean up after the Mongol Hordes Horses!)

SITE:  Bear River State Park, The southern group shelter area at Exit 6 on I-80 in Evanston, WY.  The site will open at 9 AM and close at 10 PM.  This is a damp site (no GLASS or KEGS) and pets on a leash are allowed.

DIRECTIONS:  From I-80 (The King's Highway), drive to Exit 6 (Bear River State Park).  Turning south and turn right onto the first "street" south of the interstate and follow the road south along the river until you get to the end.  We will have signage at the exit and along the route.

FEES:  Site Fee - $5.00 per Person (Children under 13 - $2.50).  Feast Fee - $5.00 (Children $2.50) (Family Cap is $15.00).

Event Stewards:  Herr Frideger Leopo Sturmreiter
                             Scribe:  grvsmith@wyoming.com
                             Baron Master Thomas de Beaumont
                             Scribe: djbrown80@q.com