[ART] Exchequer Workshop

Education in the duties of their office is important for all Officers in the Kingdom; but for those of us who must manage the business/money-side of our game, it is vital. To this end instruction in the "How To" of being an Exchequer is being made available in a full day "Exchequer Workshop". 

The three instructors include our current Kingdom Exchequer and two former Kingdom Exchequers. There will be hands-on, practical applications!

When: Aug 18 2012
Where Pocatello (Site announced later)

All Current Branch Exchequers SHOULD come. In addition, we need to build a reserve core of Mentors, future Exchequers and Deputies as well. So! Former, Future & Current Exchequers gather together! Do a carpool if you can, but plan on attending. Please answer this missive (off list) and let us know the following information:

Your Name and Branch:
Are you are a Current, Former, or Future Exchequer:
Yes you can come
Maybe you can come
*only Current Exchequers need to respond if they can not come*

**If you are a current Exchequer and you have already responded to this
message previously, you need not respond unless your answer has changed.**

Please send your responses and any questions to:

nms-heraldry-deputy@artemisia.sca.org and