[ATL] Twelfth Night

The year is 1530, and Henry the Eighth, by the Grace of God, King of England, France, Defender of the Faith and Lord of Ireland has invited His Brother Atlantia, and the whole of the Atlantian Court, to celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany at Hampton Court Palace...

Please join the Canton of Charlesbury Crossing at we recreate the grandeur and majesty that was the Tudor Court at Hampton Court Palace as we come together to celebrate Atlantian Twelfth Night. All Atlantia is invited to join in the fun and pageantry that is unique to Twelfth Night. But don't expect this to be like any Twelfth Night you've attended before! The Elm Street Center, with its spectacular Empire and Regency Ball Rooms, will take on the aspect of Hampton Court. Activities are inspired by all the goings on of the English Court of that era. Games, quests, intrigue and adventure will all fill the palace with mirth. And, after a marvelous Yuletide Feast, Henry VIII will host the Queen of Hearts Ball! The Queen of Hearts Ball will be a dance of grand and glorious proportions -- not to be missed under any circumstances!


THE QUEEN OF HEARTS BALL. Ladies of the Atlantian Court will be choosing their escorts for the Queen of Hearts Ball long before their journey to Hampton Court Palace. Look for your Queen of Hearts invitation at any number of Atlantian events prior to Twelfth Night. Haven't found your Queen of Hearts by the Ball's first dance? Rest assured, you'll have your chance. More information on this activity will appear regularly on the Atlantian Twelfth Night Facebook page. 

THE THREE KINGS CHALLENGE. Henry VIII's court plays hosts to many Kings who are equally eager to meet members of the visiting Atlantian Court. Such Kingly encounters can also represent great social opportunities and courtly challenges. Successful encounters gain participants gifts of gold, frankincense, or myrrh. Completing the Challenge with all three garners an additional prize. More information on this activity will be available in your event program.

THE QUEST OF SIX QUEENS. "I was once a young woman, a glorious warrior, a gray-haired queen. I soared with birds, stepped on the earth, swam in the sea - dived under waves, languid amongst fishes. I had a living spirit." Yield to the siren song of this enchanting adventure full of fun and discovery. A site-wide game of wits that will have you scratching your head even while holding your sides with laughter. Prizes awarded. More information on this activity will be available in your event program.
THE LORD OF MISRULE. The Lord of Misrule symbolizes the world turning upside down on Twelfth Night. Those who were high would become the peasants and vice versa. At the beginning of the Twelfth Night festival, small cakes are eaten. One of those cakes contains a special token. The person finding the token rules the Feast and will start the Ball, signaling the end of his/her reign and the world returning to normal. More information on this activity will be available in your event program.
THE LOVER'S CLOSET. The closets of the Atlantian Court turn out their finest garb for Twelfth Night, to be sure. Secret judges of Henry VIII's Court will be desperate to steal the secrets of Atlantian couture. To that end, prizes will be awarded to the very finest garb appropriate to Henry VIII's Court. There will be multiple prizes for the Best Garb, Best Jewelry, and Best Couple’s (or matching) Garb. There will be no static displays. In order to be eligible, your entry must be worn! Please feel free to contact the A&S Coordinator for more information.
THE FOUNTAIN COURT. Henry VIII, a gifted artist in His own right, welcomes all manner of Minstrels, Troubadours, and Jongleurs to the festivities at Twelfth Night Guests are invited to take their ease at the beautiful Fountain Court, a dedicated space for musical performance throughout the day at Twelfth Night. Whether it be pleasant music, poetry, or epic tales; the Fountain Court will prove an island oasis for performing artists and their patrons. Performers, please contact the Fountain Court Chamberlain to schedule your time in the Fountain Court.
THE KING'S TRIBUTE. Twelfth Night is also the time of year that many subjects choose to present gifts to Their Majesties. Of course, these gifts were often more about the presentation than the actual gift itself! The trappings should be beautiful, the gift should be worthy, and the presentation should be impeccable. To that end, there will be a prize awarded to the Best Gift Presentation to Their Majesties. More details on this will be made available on the Atlantian Twelfth Night Facebook page and here as Twelfth Night approaches.
THE PRINCE OF WALES SUITE. While Twelfth Night is mainly an adult celebration, the visiting youth of the Atlantian Court will be well attended in the Prince of Wales Suite. From custom created Twelfth Night coloring books to making Christmas ornaments and even a special Tree Decorating ceremony, the youth attending Twelfth Night will have plenty of opportunities to delight themselves and share in the festivities. More details on this will be made available via the Atlantian Twelfth Night Facebook page and also in the Twelfth Night program.