Taking the feudal oath online

As part of their Internet Medieval Sourcebook, Fordham University offers a section on medieval feudal oaths as part of a legal discussion of feudalism. Sources were created during the Middle Ages.

From the Internet Medieval Sourcebook:

The texts here have traditionally been used to explain the "feudal system". They may be better read and discussed, perhaps, as examples of how people created a variety a social and personal bonds in a society with few stable and accessible legal or governmental authorities. They do not represent a "system".

Oaths and Contracts

    [Tierney 31.1] Fidelity Oaths.
    [Tierney 31.2] Capitularies on Oaths.
    [Tierney 33.1, Geary 25] Fulbert of Chartres: Letter on mutual obligations, 1020.
    [Geary 26] Agreement between Count William V of Aquitaine and Hugh IV of Lusignan.   [different translation than Geary]
    Homages Paid by the Counts of Champagne, 12th Cent. [At Hillsdale]
    John of Toul's Homage to the Count of Champagne, 13th Cent. [At Hillsdale]