[ANS] Ffynnon Gath War of Ages

The sparks that ignite the everlasting fires of history can sometimes be small, but burn the longest! And forever change the shape of things to come.

Come do your part to help shape those changes!  Bring forth your valor and your might and test yourself against your worthy foe. Do you march to help win a crown, blessed by his holiness himself?  Or do you ride with your brothers and neighbors to throw out the usurpers?

On September 7th - 9th A.S. XLVII find your way to the armies meeting within the woods of Ffynnon Gath, Shire of Ansteorra as we, brothers and sisters in arms, face each other over shield and spear! Warriors all, heroes each come to test strength and skill to see who shall win the day!

This year's War of Ages Principals are:

The Saxons
Ld. Stefan le Sanglier

The Normans
Ld. Geoffrey de Gournay

We look forward to hosting everyone at War of Ages this year.  There will be plenty for everyone to do and to enjoy.  Please contact one of these principals if you wish to fight for a specific side. 

Robert de Bray, CSSA
Seneschal, Ffynnon Gath