Music tent at Pennsic's Artisans' Row August 6

Juliane Bechaumpe, Cordinator, Artisans' Row Music Tent for Pennsic 41, reports that there will again be music to delight the ears of those visiting the Row.

Juliane Bechaumpe writes:

Yes, again this year there will be Music on Artisans Row! Stop by and chat with some of the most generous and talented musicians in the Knowne World--we'll have instruments to try, opportunities to jam and at 5:00 pm, a meet and greet. Love your music but you're brand-new to the SCA? This is the place to network! Never tried but always wanted to learn to play the recorder or Harp? Come by and give it a whirl. Want to get up and close and personal and find out why you've got to tippy-tap all of those strings? We'll have a Hammer dulcimer player who will answer your questions.

The day (again, that day would be Monday, August 6th) will start out around 10:00 am with a play and chat by the unstoppable Efeanwelt Wystle amd his lovely bride Aenor d'Anjou and progress as follows:

  • 11:00 am - 12:30-- Strings, strings, strings! We may also have some other surprise visitors, and there will be some instruments available to try with folks to guide you.
  • 12:30-2:30-- Winds of all sorts, percussion and so forth
  • At 2:30 Lord Aaron Drummond will lead a reading-- 4-ish things open things up for jamming
  • 5:00-ish the jamming will continue along with a Meet and Greet- Are you a musicians and is this your first Pennsic? We'd especially love to see you! An old hand? Love you too!

If you 've got a few minutes and would like to give a hand, please let me know. This day will definitely be musical Stone Soup!

If you have any questions, I can be reached at

Looking forward to seeing you!

Juliane Bechaumpe
Cordinator, Artisans Row Music Tent