Their Majesties of the East Hold Court at Crown Tourney

On October 26, 2002, Their Royal Majesties King Andreas and Queen Isabella of the East held court at Crown Tourney in Their Barony of Stonemarche. Her Excellency Baroness Rosalind Bennett, Reporting Herald, offers the following proceedings from the Court of Their Majesties of the East held October 26 in Stonemarche:

Being the Court of Their Royal Majesties King Andreas & Queen Isabella held on October 26, A.S. XXXVII (2002) in The Barony of Stonemarche at Crown Tourney.
Court Heralds: Baroness Rosalind Bennett, Lady Adela Krywn
Reporting Herald: Baroness Rosalind Bennett

Darius: Prince

Roxane: Princess

Sir Kenrick Burne: Admiral of the Armies

Sir Kenrick Burne: Shield of Chivalry

Marieke van de Dal
Yana von Drakenklaue: Transfer of chronicler's office

Yseult Solaine de Loriange: seamstress (scroll: Suzanne de Londres)

Lilly of Pendhill: AOA (scroll: Sarra the Lymner)

Jean-Paul Justen Casse: AOA (scroll:Sarra the Lymner)

Sextus Rufus Dio Sebastianus: AOA (scroll: Tzitzakion of Sarkel)

Alicia de Berwic: Tygers Cub (scroll: Jonathan Blaecstan)

Ruadh Cruidh MacFrode: Troubadour (scroll: Katherine Stanhope)

Kristen Spinster: AOA (scroll: Melisande de Bourges)

Julienne Ridley: AOA (scroll: Xavier Ramierez)

Jack the Black: AOA (scroll: Xandra Rozina)

Yelizaveta Medvedeva: Silver Crescent (scroll: Tzitzakion of Sarkel)

Donal O'Conghaile: Writ of Summons (scroll: Anson Gleown)

Baltasar Mondragon: Pelican (scroll: Jonathan Blaecstan)

Marieke van de Dal: Augmentation of Arms (scroll: Jana von Drachenklaue)