Known World Novice Tourney - Pennsic 41

Once again, I will be hosting the Known World Novice Tourney on behalf of my late husband Count Sarnac Ba'adur. It was his baby and he requested I ensure it happen every year.

Middle Saturday Aug 4th, 2012 'cause apparently THAT'S the COOOOOL day to run a tourney by Ealdormerian standards
9am (please be prompt so we can get started ASAP)
Red/White/Blue Tourney List Area


This is a tourney for Novice fighters. The format will be a Shark Pool style: small groups fighting round robin - previous years were groups of 8 so every fighter has a minimum of 7 fights. Some of the top fighters moving on to further rounds. Details will be determined on the day of the Tourney depending on the number of fighters that show up.

For the purposes of this tourney, Novice is classified as:

  • Any authorized fighter whose PRIMARY RATTAN authorization date falls within two years to the day of the Tourney, INCLUDING time spent authorized in Youth Combat. (Please don't try to squeeze in if you don't qualify, I hate being the 'bad guy' to decline you when other former Youth Combatants point out that they used to fight you years ago.)
  • Is not a member of the Chivalry
  • Is not a Peer by right of Arms by their own hand

Tourney victories or positions held on Pennsic teams has NO bearing on qualifying for this event.

**You must be Pennsic inspected to participate and will be required to show helmet sticker to sign in.

Help needed:

  • fighters  (can't happen without you)
  • fighter cheering squats and support (can happen, but not as much fun)
  • Ladies of the Rose there will be opportunity to publicly recognize (and grant tokens) to favorite combatants

Most of all I need members of the Chivalry to help run/constable the list fields. Every year I find myself batting eyelashes at Knights and Masters that find themselves near the field - Master Baldric's help last year was amazing, but he's not going this year. I am happy to say they have never turned away, but I am disappointed that this has become necessary every year.

Even if you didn't know Sarnac, please come out. Do it for the fighters and for a lady trying to fulfill a promise.