"Oh Yeah? My Dad can beat up your Dad!” Pennsic XLI

Baron Richard Larmer annouces "Oh Yeah? My Dad can beat up your Dad!” a tournament for dads to be held Saturday, 4 August, 2012 from Noon to 2 pm, at the Pennsic War XLI.

His Excellency writes:

On the middle Saturday, 4 August from Noon to 2 pm, at the Pennsic War XLI there will be a tournament for Dads held on the Red List.This is sponsored by the Kingdom of Ealdormere with the gracious patronage of His Royal Majesty Edward the Red proud, King of Ealdormere and Dad of Jobjorn.

This is a tournament for Dads inspired by their child(ren) to earn renown upon the field. This will be a Round Robin Tournament, but if many gentles show up then it will be a double elimination format.

Requirements: All Dads (combatants) must be presented to the list table by their child(ren) under the age of 16 (combat age at Pennsic) to participate. Children do not need to remain for the tournament but it is encouraged. This tournament is open to all Dads who wish to participate. There are no restrictions in terms of rank (Kings and Princes may fight), weapons form or

At least two prizes will be given: overall winner and best presentation. This can mean more than just armour, it can include how your entourage presents themselves, etc. It is how you impress the crowd.

The Tourney is being organized by Baron Richard Larmer, if you have any questions please seek him out in the De Taahe encampment in W02.  If before Land grab weekend his Excellency can be reached at alowry2002@yahoo.com.

At the same time on an adjacent White list there will be the Tournament, "My Mom Can Beat Up Your Mom". This is a fun tourney for Moms only. Heavy combatants must be biological, adoptive or foster Moms. The purpose is to provide a tourney for women fighters who have time constraints due to being parents. This is being run by Baroness Dulcinea and Baron Odofrom Northwoods.

Please share this with Knowne World lists for those likely to attend Pennsic.


Baron Richard Larmer