[AET] Barony Wars and Bazaar VI

As the echo of the drums of war die to our western boarders let your eyes fall to the beating heart of Sterlynge Vayle.

Peace and Comroderie will be the coin of the day as the Baronies of Concordia of the Snows, Delftwood, and Endless Hills, come together with their allies for a weekend of competition and merriment. Cast off should be the allegences of Pennsic and all should find harmony in the fellowship of the weekend. Set your caravans and sails for the glorious Camp Amahami, Page Pond Road (no number) in Sanford , NY on the weekend of September 7 - 9, 2012. Gates will open at 6 pm on Friday, and all attendees must leave (or be press ganged into assisting with clean up) by noon on Sunday.

Bring your Swords, Bucklers, Bow and Axes as Peaceful competitions shall cover the breath of marshal activites. Fear not if you are of the gentler persuasion as bardic and extensive Arts and Sciences competitions shall be held for the joy and glory of the populace assembled.

In addition to the usual range of merchants from across the known world ( please send your information and space size required to our autocrat), we gladly invite any and all members of the populace to take a table in our bazaar area. From Bits of amour just off your time period to garb which no longer caresses your form, anything and everything from Your war chest, or caravan can be bartered or traded at the fabled Barony Wars Bazaar.

A sumptuous feast will be offered to sate the palette of the first 80 gentles to send in their reservation (by August 30th please to assure your space). The staff is sparing no expense in an effort to be certain none shall leave unsatisfied with a day board intended to nurture the spirit, body and soul of all who attend. Chief Kitchen Steward of the day is Sir Murdoch Bayne, who would invite your missives in regards to allergies or concerns at SirMurdoch (at) AOL (dot) com.

Cost: Site Fee: $12.00 for adults, $8.00 for minors (13 - 17), $6.00 for children (5 - 12), and free for babes in arms. Please note that this site fee includes lunch on Saturday, and camping for the entire weekend.

Feast: $10.00 for adults, $8.00 for minors (13 - 17), $5.00 for children (5 - 12), and free for babes sharing an adult's lap. In addition, we will be offering breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings for $2.00 per person. There is a $5.00 Non Member Surcharge for any person 18 or older, who is unable to show a valid membership card, or other proof of current membership.

Reservations are to be sent to Lady Caitriona Fhail inghean Ui Chonaill, Called Kayley,  kayleyofsterlyngevayle (at) yahoo (dot) com. Please make all checks out to "SCA - NY, Inc. -- Shire of Sterlynge Vayle." In the event one should desire to cancel a reservation, the autocrat should be contacted by Friday Evening, August 30th, and all reservation fees can be refunded. After then, feast fees will only be refunded if the seat has been re-sold.

The autocrat for this event is THL Lord Robert O'Connor e-mail: pjs13903 at gmail dot com.

For those wishing to sleep in a cabin with a dormitory-style bed, or there are a few which can be reserved. There are also many platform tents around the camp. There is also open space for tenting. Site rules declare that there will be no fires outside of already established firepits and fireplaces. The site is discretely damp. Smoking is strictly limited to the Parking lot *only*, although it is legal to smoke on the road leading to the camp. Please police your butts. No animals are permitted on site (site rules), except for service animals. As a courtesy please avoid using incense and scented candles.

DIRECTIONS: Find your best route to NY Rt 17, EAST of I-81. Go East on Route 17 until you reach Exit 82. Exit the highway and turn left onto Rt. 41 North toward Sanford . Go 3.9 mi. and turn right onto N. Sanford Rd. N. Sanford Rd. will shortly and sharply curve to the left, as should you. Continue on N. Sanford Rd. (approx. 1.4 miles) until you discover Page Pond Rd. on the left. There is a small Amahami sign at the corner. (If while on N. Sanford Rd. you reach Heath Rd. on the right, you went too far.) Turn onto Page Pond Rd. (unpaved!) & slowly drive the approx. 2 miles to the camp. Fletcher Lodge is on the right and the Parking lot is on the left. The drive down to the Main Field is down hill from Fletcher Lodge.