Pennsic attendees challenged by Currie Road bridge closure

We all hoped it would be open by now, but Murphy's Law has afflicted the project to replace the Currie Road bridge between U.S. Highway 422 and the Cooper's Lake Campground.

Currie Road is relatively narrow and curvy, which already poses a challenge for Pennsic attendees with their large vehicles and trailers full of camping gear, camp gates, palisades, and canvas tents and poles. The one-lane bridge makes matters even worse, especially during peak arrival and departure days. This spring, the bridge was closed for a much-needed replacement with a modern two-lane structure, but the project has fallen behind schedule and will not be completed by Pennsic this year.

Fortunately, there are other ways into Pennsic, and the Cooper's Lake staff have provided a web page (see the link below) with four alternative routes depending on your direction of approach.