[GLE] Harvest Home and Art Wars

The Shire of Northover Proudly Presents: Harvest Home and Art Wars! October 19 - 21, 2012
Woodmen of the World Camp Hattiesburg, Mississippi - 601-583-9956

The harvest is in at our quiet lakeside town and it is now time to consider what we shall do during the upcoming dark, winter months. It is time to check the supplies and tools, material, fine metals, and wood which has been carefully stored away. It is time for. . . .

ART WARS!! (It's baaack....)

The basic rules are as follows:

For those who couldn't attend the last Art Wars, a group of artisans enter one of the two different levels, bring everything they need to the campsite, and over a period of time (7:30 am to 4:00 pm) complete their project.

- beginner, advanced beginner: modern tools can be used, (sewing machine, drills, etc.) and modern materials may be used.
- advanced: All items must be made onsite (ideal) or hand made at home and brought to the site. All period materials must be used.

Teams consist of 8 points to be spent as follows:
laurel = 3
silverlamp or equivalent = 2
everyone else = 1

At the last Art Wars, judging was similar to a kingdom A&S event. This time oral documentation, backed up with written material and books, will be allowed. The entire population will judge each entrant on how well they relayed the information and procedures used.

Please keep it simple and concentrate on teaching an art rather than worrying about the judging.

Following feast, dance the eve away at our masked ball or converse around the blazing bonfire. . .
Lady Alsinda de Rochabaron

The Honorable Lady Richenda de Braundeston

The Honorable Pol Uto

Make checks payable to SCA, Inc. dba Shire of Northover
Before September 30, 2012

Cabins and Feasthall have Air Conditioning!

Take your best route to Interstate Highway 59, north of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Take Exit 73 (Monroe Road), which is approximately 5 miles north of the intersection of Highway 49 and I-59. Turn east and travel 2.3 miles. The camp is on the right, directly after the bridge.

Misc. Information:
Site opens 5:00 P.M. October 19, 2012
Site closes 12:00 P.M. October 21, 2012
Site is discreetly wet