Pennsic Independent writers needed

Magestra Nicolaa de Bracton has announced that the Pennsic Independent is seeking to fill several positions at the paper for Pennsic 41.

Her Excellency writes:

Our Battlefield Reporter for the Pennsic Independent has retired after 10+ years of service.  Apparently he now wants to go hit people with sticks instead of writing about people hitting people with sticks.

So we're looking for someone to take on the Battlefield Reporting job. Ideally you would be a fighter who will not be fighting this year (or are retired), or an armoured combat junkie, and would have some journalism experience (sportswriting a plus).  The most important skills are to be able to describe what happens in the battles objectively (no playing favourites) and to be able to write on a deadline--this is a job where you would come in to file your stories once the fighting is over.  You'd be covering all of the armoured war points plus some of the other tourneys held throughout the week.

We are also looking for someone to report in a similar way for rapier, and for freelancers who might be able to report a couple of stories each on archery and thrown weapons.

We may also be looking for a layout person.  We use InDesign, so if you know the program and would like to spend part of your day in a nice air-conditioned trailer, drop me a line.

Our first day of production is Thursday, August 2 (for the Friday issue).  If you cannot make it until Friday or even Saturday, we may be able to adjust, but that's the latest you could arrive.

If you are interested, contact me (  I have absolutely no objections to the Ealdormerian plan for world domination through control of the media. Feel free to forward to anyone who might be interested

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