A Cardboard Galleon Prepares to Set Sail for Charity

Conde Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon brings tales of a cardboard galleon -- and a very large one at that -- being built to help sick children.

Last year many of you followed the progress of the Skithblathnir, the cardboard Viking ship a number of us from The Barony of Three Rivers in Calontir built and entered in a Cardboard Boat Race sponsored by the Wings of Hope charity. The Skithblathnir was greatly successful, both as a boat and as a fundraiser. We not only were awarded the Pride of the Regatta, but we raised the most money to support this noble cause.

This year, we decided to outdo ourselves – big time!

For over a month now we’ve been hard at work on a cardboard galleon – the Esperanza. She is 25 feet long, 7 feet wide, close to 7 feet tall, with 3 masts and 23 'guns'. While by our estimates the ship weighs close to 700 pounds, we’ve calculated her displacement at something over 14,000 pounds.

Yep, this is one BIG cardboard boat!

You can see pictures of the ship's progress, (plus some pictures of last year's ship) and on the Esperanza's Facebook page, at the link below. You DO NOT have to be a Facebook subscriber to see this.

The Esperanza, and her 14 man crew, will set sail on July 28th in the Grand Basin at Forest Part as part of the third annual Hope Floats - Cardboard Boat Race.

So, why are we doing this? Of course, it’s a lot of fun. But more importantly, it supports the Wings of Hope Medical Relief and Air Transport Program. Wings of Hope is a charity which has been nominated for the Noble Peace prize each of the last two years. Their Medical Relief and Air Transport Program offers air transportation to sick children in desperate need. We think that’s a heck of a cause!

We hope you do to, because we need your support! Last year we raised $4000, and we’d love to beat that this year.

Would you offer a pledge to support this worthy charity? Last year donations were made in the name of individuals, groups, households, and orders from Artemisia to the East, and were commemorated with shields on the ships sides. This year, ignificant donations will be commemorated upon the Esperanza in various ways, ranging from naming cannons, to us placing your arms (or those of your group or order of choice) on pennons, flags, or even in the stained glass windows.

We can accept pledges by e-mail. Just send us the amount of your pledge and complete contact information, and Wings of Hope will happily send you a Charitable Invoice after race day so you can pay them directly. Of course, it’s also tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Or if you prefer to take care of it in advance, you can mail a check made out to Wings of Hope, to the address below

Help us as we help Wings of Hope help sick kids!

Please feel free to forward this as widely as possible.

Conde Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon, KSCA, OP, OL
Kingdom of Calontir, Barony of Three Rivers

Fernando Vigil
8237 Watson Rd
St. Louis, MO, 63119