[AET] A Shoot In The Wyldewood

Just as the windmill is ever turning, so too passes time in the Barony of Delftwood. With the Windmill Tournament behind us, and Pennsic War fast approaching, we ask that you mark your calendars for A Shoot in the Wyldewood. 

A weekend celebration of archery and thrown weapons, there will be Baronial Championships for both of these activities, and tournaments and open shooting and throwing for all. Night shoots for the archers, night throws for axes and knives, cast shoots, a walking range, and for the youth of our Kingdom, the opportunity to once more defend fair Delftwood from the onslaught of monsters in the woods.

A Shoot In The Wyldewood takes place Friday, August 31st through Monday September 3rd at the Wildwood Sports Center, 5740 Files Road, in Memphis NY.  There is plenty of room for camping, with a shower available on site.

Lunch, as in the past, is a pay lunch provided by the site. In past years, they have offered chicken/beef on a stick, salt potatoes, corn on the cob, venison stew, and much more.

In lieu of feast, Delftwood will host a Stone Soup kitchen for any who stop by. There will be soup available as soon as the first batch is finished each day, and many varieties will be cooked up long into the night. This is food shared by a common fire, contributed to by many, and
available for anyone. No one will be turned away. Please bring meat, veggies, spices, bread, cheese etc. to contribute. Monetary contributions are also accepted. We welcome help cooking, prepping, and in general, sitting around the fire and sharing in our community. Any dietary concerns can be directed to Baroness Anastasie at lovetoo76@verizon.net.

Merchants are encouraged to come out for the day. There is no fee for merchants beyond the regular site fee, but you will need to provide your own tables, chairs and pavilions.  Merchants should contact Dragos Pelikanos (cjburke@hauntedparsonage.us) with any questions, and to
ensure your spot in our marketplace.

Event Stewards:
Baroness Anastasie deLamoure

Dragos Pelikanos

Make checks payable to: "SCA NY - Barony of Delftwood"
Send payment to:
SCA NY - Barony of Delftwood
PO Box 6694
Syracuse, NY 13217

For directions and additional information, please check our web site.