Pennsic stipend created in Calontir

Attending Pennsic, especially for a first timer, is an expensive endeavor. Kirk, of the Kingdom of Calontir, plans to help by creating a fund that will allow two new members to attend the War.

Kirk writes:

To My Brothers and Sisters of Calontir:

How to begin? Well, I'll come right out and say it, then fill in the back story: I believe everyone should go to Pennsic at least once. To support that belief, I am collecting donations from the peerage orders  to offer free trips (site fee and food money) to Pennsic for a few people who have never been there before. This pilgrimage allowance will be up to $200 ($125 for site fee + $75 for food).  In addition, I have ride space and can take up to three people out for free (no gas money). HL Brockman is making the same offer, and can take up to 5 people with him.

I made this offer in Their Majesties Court in Standing Stones yesterday. Immediately after court, I was showered with donations from the following sources:

Laurels: $70
Pelicans: $70
Royal Peers & General Populace: $51
Chivalry: $144
That is a total of $335, at a small event, and I haven't even donated yet myself. In addition, an anonymous donor will pay for one person by themselves.

Here is the offer:
From the donations I receive, I will pay up to $200 per person to enable people to make their
first trip to Pennsic. In addition, I am offering a free ride out to up to three people (again, first-timers preferred) who can be at my house on Friday, August 3rd after I get home from work. HL Brockman is offering ride space for up to 5, departing on Aug 4 from Jefferson City (exact details TBD). Brockman is also offering tent space, and if his tent fills up I'll bring a group tent too.

I will be taking donations and applications for the pilgrimage allowance and rides through Coronation, and publish the names shortly afterwards. I am asking for donations of $10 per peerage, though many folks have given more. I will be at Unslung Heroes and Coronation to take donations and applications. So far, I have one application for each. I'm not going to select strictly on a first come/first serve basis, though I'll take that into account. I hope that everyone who wants to go will be enthusiastic, and I will accommodate as many as I can.

The back story: Once upon a time, Duke Valens (back when he was just Count Valens, or even Mike the Knight) would get ready for Pennsic. After Pavel drove up from Grimfells and threw his stuff into Valens' van, Valens would notice a tiny corner was not entirely filled: "Pav, we've got a little room. I bet young Gilligan/Otto/Ariel/William/[skinny-pizza-driving-fyrdman/new-fighter-of-the-month] would like to go to Pennsic. What do you say?" Pavel: "Get 'em in there and let's go!". And this incident would recur a half dozen times across Calontir each summer, with different names and starting points.

Now, in these days of big site fees, pre-registration, and (dare I say it) comfortable camping furniture, that scenario just doesn't happen. But with at little largess, why not? And since I'm driving my truck to Pennsic, with my trailer, I have space. I initially offered to take up to three Barony Three Rivers folks out with me, but in talking to His Highness Hirsch I realized that I could, with your help, do more.

I'll be accepting donations, particularly from peers, at the upcoming events. If you have some young enthusiastic person in mind that you think should go, have them contact me _and_ recommend them to me yourself. If they can't make it to St Louis or Jeff City to catch a ride, help them arrange a ride out. Yes, they're not pre-registered. Bel has promised that we'll make do.

Thank you for your help.