10 Man Unbelted Melee Tournament - Pennsic 2012

The Company of the Sergeants of Saint Aiden of the Kingdom of Atlantia proudly presents its version of the Ten Man Unbelted Melee Tournament for Pennsic 2012.

You will find that very little has changed.

  1. Tournament begins Monday, 5PM of War Week and will go till a winner is determined. (Expected time ~2hrs)
  2. Teams must still be sponsored by a Kingdom. One Team Per Kingdom.
  3. Teams are permitted TEN members and FIVE alternates, all of which may be present at the tournament. If the captain of the team could have the list of members & alternates handy at the beginning of the tournament along with their SCA Membership #s (if any) that would be awfully handy. Or at least contact me with a team name ahead of time.
  4. Tournament format will be determined by the number of teams entering.
  5. One slight change: Teams must be sponsored by a Kingdom but since there are Kingdoms that historically do not bring enough people to form a team (mostly kingdoms on the Left Coast, Drachenwald, Lochac ) the sponsors are willing to allow Kingdoms without a team to sponsor a team upon mutual agreement between the team and the Kingdom in question. IE, if the two parties can agree, there is no requirement that the team be comprised of members of the actual kingdom sponsoring the team.
  6. Unbelted teams wishing to enter via rule 5 are expected to do all their own legwork; the Sergeants of Saint Aiden will simply verify the information. Have the Royalty in question email THL Jonathan Blackbow at jonnyb70a(AT)yahoo.com with their contact info and the name of the person captaining the unbelted team.
  7. Non-Chivalric Peers (Laurels, Pelicans, Royals) are welcome to enter on an unbelted team. This prohibits only Knights and Masters-At-Arms.
  8. Contact Jonathan Blackbow (jonnyb70a(AT)yahoo.com) with any questions about this whole process.
  9. Rules subject to change. YMMV. Standard Disclaimers Apply.

Looking forward to it- Jonathan Blackbow

It's not the *Order* of the

It's not the *Order* of the Sergeants of Saint Aidan. It's the *Company* of Sergeants of Saint Aidan.

Corrected, thanks

Thanks for letting us know about the error. The article has been corrected.