[ATL] Sacred Stone's 30th Baronial Birthday

The Barony of the Sacred Stone has been a gem in Atlantia's crown for 30 years. All are invited to join us as we gather for a grand celebration!

We intend to have something to do from the time that folks step on site on Friday through the end of the day on Sunday, with Monday morning primarily being for cleanup. There will be bardic circles, dancing, games, archery, fighting, rapier, and lots of food.

The weekend will celebrate 30 years of Sacred Stone history, as Camp York harks back to days
of old and the Barony celebrates it's Birthday.

Largesse Competition
The Baronage is calling on its citizens to provide largesse in celebration of its birthday! This can range from woven trim, viking beads, thank you cards, or anything else that would make a good gift! These items will be considered donated to the Barony and will be included in gift baskets that the Barony gives away or as prizes for future competitions or any other gift giving that needs to be done. The winner of the competition will receive a gift basket in return! Documentation is requested (and graded) but not required.

Artisans’ Row
Sacred Stone has many talented artisans and scholars.
To show all we have to offer, an Artisans’ Row will be held from 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday!
Each Canton of the Barony will bring out its artisans (for 2 hour periods) and answer questions and demonstrate their arts!
10am – Noon: Charlesbury Crossing & Baelfire Dunn
Noon – 2 pm: Crois Brigte & Aire Faucon
2 pm – 4 pm: Middlegate & Salesberie Glen

Heraldic Display – Ancient Arms
As we look back at the history of Sacred Stone, we celebrate those that came before us!
In splendor and nobility, we honor them with displays of our ancient arms.
Documentation is not required, but is preferred.

SSBB30 will be held at Camp York in King Mountain State Park
(1277 Park Rd. Blacksburg, SC 29702)

ACCEPS will be up very soon. If you would prefer not to wait for ACCEPS to preregister,
you can send check or money order to the Reservationist, Lady Serena de Almendara at serena AT roanwoulfe DOT com.

Your total for the weekend, as a member staying on-site and eating all meals would be $29.
That's right, for less than $30 you get the entire weekend's entertainment, lodging, and food.
It's an incredible value! Register soon, and bring your friends!

Below is a cost break down...

Site Fee (Includes breakfast and lunch sideboards Sat & Sun.):
Adult Member* - $17.00 Youth 6-17 - $9.00 Child 0-5 - $0.00
* Non member adults add $5 surcharge.

Add $2 to the site fee

Saturday Feast:
$7.00 per seat
(regardless of age)
Sunday Feast:
$3.00 per seat
(regardless of age)